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“Boss, I noticed that your food keeps getting better after you got married,” Mu Chenguang praised. “You must be on par with Michelin starred chefs now!”

“Keep your flattery to yourself! Hurry up and finish your food!” Huo Yunshen scolded and threw a napkin onto Mu Chenguang’s face.

Mu Chenguang finished his food and rushed outside to set the tent up.

“Jing Xi, are you sure that the boat could not be repaired today?” Wan Dao asked, unwilling to stay while staring at the couple showing their affection all the time. “Do we really have to stay here tonight?”

“Sorry about that. The repairman could only come tomorrow morning,” Xu Xiyan said. “You and Mu Chenguang have to sleep in tents tonight.”

“Okay… I’ll go check if he needs any help or not,” Wan Dou said and left.

“See, I told you that girls are easy to trick now,” Xu Xiyan said, smiling at Huo Yunshen.

“What if someone tried to trick my daughter in the future?” Huo Yunshen asked with a saddened expression.

“…” Xu Xiyan was speechless at how Huo Yunshen was worried for a future that was still far away.

Peijing’s temperature was quite low in December.

Wan Dou came to the lakeside and found Mu Chenguang setting up the tent.

“Hey, Mu Chenguang! Do you need my help?”

Since Wan Dou still viewed their relationship as employer and employee, she found it weird to call him “Guangguang,” so she called him by his full name instead.

Mu Chenguang raised his head and noticed Wan Dou was lightly dressed.

“Go back inside, there’s a heater in there. The outside’s too cold,” Mu Chenguang said and continued with his work.

Wan Dou felt a cringe because, for a second, it sounded like Mu Chenguang was worried about her.

Wan Dou couldn’t stand the cold after standing outside for a few minutes and went back to the residence.

Xu Xiyan had already prepared a new set of clothes for her and said, “The shower’s over there.”

“Thank you.”

Wan Dou grabbed the clothes and went into the shower.

When she came out from the shower, Mu Chenguang had already returned from setting up the tent.

She noticed that Mu Chenguang’s nose and hands were reddened from the cold and said, “You should get a shower.”

“Good idea,” Mu Chenguang replied and got some clothes from Huo Yunshen.

After his shower, he led Wan Dou to the tent he set up after saying goodnight to the couple.

Wan Dou noticed when she arrived at the lakeside that only one tent was set up.

“You only set up one tent?” Wan Dou asked.

“Of course!” Mu Chenguang scolded. “What do we need two for?”

“Then, where am I suppose to sleep?” Wan Dou asked, worried that he might ask her to sleep with him.

“This one, of course,” Mu Chenguang pointed at the tent.

Wan Dou instantly recalled about Mu Chenguang’s sleepwalking and bit back, “No way! We’re not sleeping in the same tent!”

Wan Dou’s rejection irritated Mu Chenguang.

He thought that at the very least he was one of t

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