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Chapter 1014: Trapped

Mentioning Huo Yunshen made a smile creep up onto Xu Xiyan’s face; her heart was overflowing with sweetness.

Han Xinyun was surprised. “So, Mr. Huo knows how to cook too?”

“Yeah, and he’s a better cook than I am.”

“Oh, then you are really lucky!” Han Xinyun said with sincere envy.

Xu Xiyan was very happy, working on her dish more adeptly. The two worked together and finished the first dish.

While they were preparing the second dish, Han Xinyun looked up at the table beside them. She saw Shen Mengyuan watching her too.

The other woman was telling her something with her eyes. After understanding what was implied, Han Xinyun turned around and glanced at Jing Xi, who was fully focused on preparing the ingredients.

She sighed inwardly, woe swelling in her heart.

Before this, Shen Mengyuan had sought her out in private after learning that she and Jing Xi were on the same team. She wanted her to temper with Jing Xi’s work and stop Jing Xi from winning this round.

However, after seeing how serious and focused Jing Xi was in her work and learning the heart moving love she shared with Huo Yunshen, she couldn’t bear to do it.

But Shen Mengyuan had pressured her again just now. If she did not do what she was told, Shen Mengyuan would expose the photos of her being forced to sleep with a top executive of the entertainment circle.

Right now, Han Xinyun felt trapped.

“Sister Yun, I’ve prepared the ingredients for the second dish. Please help me put some salt in it.”

Xu Xiyan had her hands full. There was less than half an hour before the competition ends; she had to step up and prepare the ingredients for the third dish at the same time.

“Oh,” Han Xinyun answered her briefly. She looked at the ingredients and the bowl of salt before her, feeling extremely conflicted inside.

It was especially easy to ruin a dish. If she were to add a little more salt now, the taste would be ruined.

And if this dish was ruined, it would be impossible for Jing Xi to make it to the next round in this group competition.

However, this meant that Han Xinyun would not be able to make it to the next round either, but she would be able to keep her reputation.

So she had yet to move. She was hesitating.

After a long time without seeing Han Xinyun adding the salt for her, Xu Xiyan turned to glance at her. She noticed that she had an uneasy look on her face and she looked completely stiff with nervousness.

“Sister Yun, are you alright? If you’re not feeling well, just leave the rest to me.”

Before entering the set of the show, Xu Xiyan had noticed that Han Xinyun had asked her assistant to help her to buy sanitary pads. At this moment, she thought Han Xinyun didn’t look so well was due to her menstrual pain.

“It’s alright. I can continue.” Han Xinyun forced a smile on her face as she shook her head. She scooped out some salt from the salt bowl, added it to the dish, then mixed

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