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Chapter 1034: A Well-Deserved Punishment

But she feared that the murder incident would be exposed and she worried that her brother-in-law would find her out. Thus she proposed a marriage of convenience, and then traveled around the world as a food and travel expert.

As for Shen Mengyuan, she was her child whom she had conceived with another man. She had put her in the care of a welfare institution on the mainland Zstan, then later funded her schooling and college, paving the way and secretly helping her to enter the entertainment circle.

But she had never told Shen Mengyuan that she was her biological mother. She had been caring for her as her niece.

At this point, Zhong Qingzi and Fu Qiang were both guilty of their own crimes and they were subject to legal sanctions.

Their scandals had brought a lot of attention to the show “Legendary Star Chef” and everyone was watching the show because of these scandals.

At the same time, the program group for “Legendary Star Chef” at the Peijing TV station had officially released a statement, criticizing Zhong Qingzi and Fu Qiang’s illegal behavior. They also called off Shen Mengyuan’s qualification as champion and the first runner-up was directly promoted as the new champion.

As a result, Jing Xi, who was originally first runner-up, regained the throne as champion.

Han Xinyun and Ke Hua were also promoted to second place and third place from their third place and the eliminated fourth place positions respectively.

Looking back, it was just like the saying: If it belongs to you, you will always get it. If it does not belong to you, you will not get it no matter what.

No one knew how hard of a blow Shen Yuanyuan was suffering at the moment. In the end, she could not retain her title as champion, and she had no choice but to hand it over to Jing Xi.

And furthermore, she had lived her life as a parentless orphan til the present and had suddenly found her mother within a day. But unfortunately, her mother was a murderer.

Why was this happening to her?

Was God deliberately playing a trick on her?

After the scandal about Zhong Qingzi and Fu Qiang gradually cooled off, Landscape was released nationwide on February 1st, which brought a romantic atmosphere to the Chinese New Year.

Three days after the release, the total box office had reached 1 billion yuan.

All those who had seen Landscape had a better understanding of the unknown love story of the violin goddess Jing Ruyue that had happened in her time.

It was beautiful and touching.

At the same time, everyone also praised Jing Xi’s acting skills. Many of the older people watched the film with reminiscence, saying that Jing Xi was just like the embodiment of Jing Ruyue, bringing her to life with her outstanding performance.

After the film was released, what people were most concerned about was this: At the end of the movie, it was mentioned that Jing Ruyue was pregnant with Feng’s tw

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