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Chapter 1038: Received A Ban Notice

Jin Xiu left the auditorium and went to find the theater staff.

However, before long, Jin Xiu rushed back in with a group of bodyguards. He alerted the president, “Your Excellency, this is bad! There is a fire in the theater. I’m here with your men to escort you out safely.”

“Is the fire serious? Immediately notify the rescue department.”

As president, Helian Wei had the responsibility to protect the lives of his people and the safety of their property. Instead of panicking in the face of the sudden fire, he chose to remain and personally direct the rescue.

The fire was very serious. Fortunately, under the personal command of Helian Wei, the rescue was very successful.

The theater was burnt down, but fortunately, there were no deaths, only a few wounded.

Helian Wei made further arrangements to properly resettle the wounded and quicken the repair work of the theater.

After settling the fire accident at the theater, Helian Wei hurried to the Blue Palace to participate in an important parliament meeting. As for the movie, he could only put it temporarily on hold for a while.

When Yun Xuerou saw the news about the fire in the national theater on TV, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In order to avoid trouble later, she ordered someone to do something in secret:

Completely ban the film Landscape in Estan. It would not be allowed to be screened anymore or even be spread in other channels.

Landscape was ordered to not be screened in Estan and news of its ban quickly spread to Zstan.

As the director of the film, when Huang Guoqiang received the ban notice, he couldn’t describe how upset he was.

This was his first time directing a love story. This film was not just an ordinary love film, but it was also his commitment to a good friend.

But now, it was banned, and the reason for its ban was very ridiculous: they said that the content of the film had detrimental effects on society.

How was it even detrimental to society?

It could be said that this was the most positive film he had ever directed.

If Landscape was harmful to society, then there was no film in the world that was completely positive to society.

When Xu Xiyan learned of the news, she was not affected much. Instead, she comforted Huang Guoqiang. “Director Huang, although the film is not popular abroad, just look in Zstan—the response is still very good!”

The domestic response was quite good. There were more and more online reviews of Landscape and their verdict and ratings were also quite high.

But many netizens had commented that this film was too heartbreaking.

After watching the film, they made a lot of tears. It was simply so sad that they could even feel the pain in their livers.

Many said that they hoped to see some sweet and heartwarming films to neutralize the sadness.

With such a strong voice of the public, the film Deep in the Shadows of the St

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