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“I am willing to marry you now,” Alice said.

Pity. It wasn’t her who Mo Yutian wanted. He released her chin roughly, then got up and left.

Alice watched him leave, feeling even more puzzled. She’d said that she was willing, but why wasn’t he happy?

As he was going out, Mo Yutian received a call from Lady White Tea. He snorted when he saw her number flashing on his mobile phone.

He hadn’t even called her, and yet she had called first.

He answered the call and the woman on the other end asked him if he had already dealt with Jing Xi.

Mo Yutian replied indifferently, “I didn’t do anything to Jing Xi.”

“Why?” Lady White Tea was obviously very displeased. “I’ve asked you to help me with this small matter. Can’t you even settle it?”

“No! What I want to tell you is this: since you’ve helped my father to get Jing Ruyue in the past, now I ask you to help me too.”

“What do you want?”

Lady White Tea was shocked. She did not expect that Mo Yutian had known what had happened in the past.

“I want Jing Xi.”

When Lady White Tea heard him say that he wanted Jing Xi, she felt goosebumps rising on her skin. She persuaded him, “There’re many women in the world. Why must you have her?”

“I only want Jing Xi.”

There was a powerful stubbornness in Mo Yutian’s voice, just like his father Long Xie when he had vowed to get Jing Ruyue.

After listening to his words, Lady White Tea couldn’t help but scream, “You’re mad!”

Long Xie had been mad over Jing Ruyue. And now, his son Long Xiao was being crazy over the daughter of Jing Ruyue.

Both father and son were crazy! They were both stubborn madmen!

“Perhaps,” Mo Yutian admitted himself; he had always been doing things like a madman.

The only thing that could make him crazy, and also suppress his madness, was Jing Xi.

With the popular release of Landscape, the theme song “The Most Beautiful Scenery” was so popular that it was playing everywhere.

With her beautiful voice, Jing Xi had performed this pop song with emotion, touching the people’s hearts with her singing.

Everyone felt that it was a pity that Jing Xi did not pursue a career in the music world.

In fact, Xu Xiyan was multi-talented. If she were to stop acting in the future, there were too many things that she could still do.

Singing, dancing, playing the violin, writing—these were all a piece of cake to her.

However, if there was such a day, Xu Xiyan might further her studies in a higher education institution, or learn jewelry design or painting to nurture her soul. Of course, these had to wait until she had free time.

In addition to being released in Zstan, the film Landscape had also entered the international film market.

Not long after, Xu Xiyan received a call from Li Ruochu. She had seen Landscape and praised her for her particularly great performance. She also told her that this film had ranked top ten on famous international critic and review websit

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