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After viewing six episodes of the show, everyone could see Zhong Qingzi’s favoritism towards Shen Mengyuan. She had given her the highest scores every round and her actions were very unfair to the other participating guests.

Therefore, those fans who were supporting Jing Xi felt that their precious bean had been treated unfairly. They all stood up to denounce Zhong Qingzi.

When Zhong Qingzi saw the news herself, she and Shen Mengyuan were having dinner together.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. “Yuanyuan, who revealed this?”

Shen Mengyuan looked at the news and shook her head. “I don’t know! What should we do now? If the TV station knows about it, will they take away my title as champion?”

The relationship between Zhong Qingzi and Shen Mengyuan had never been revealed to the public before. The two of them were also very secretive when meeting in private. It was reasonable to say that their relationship would not be known by anyone.

But now, their relationship had been exposed.

If Zhong Qingzi was suspected of violating the rules, then it would definitely affect Shen Mengyuan’s title as champion.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get someone to think of a way to suppress the scandal,” Zhong Qingzi said with a serious expression on her face.

“Who can we turn to?”

“You shouldn’t worry about this. My relationship with Fu Qiang is still acceptable. He said that he knows a big boss with a strong background. Let’s see if he could help out!”

In fact, the relationship between Zhong Qingzi and Fu Qiang was far more complicated than what she said.

However, when Zhong Qingzi was about to go look for Fu Qiang, a more shocking scandal broke out.

[Hong Kong and Taiwan famous food connoisseur show host secretly married for 20 years, his wife is actually her]

Everyone wanted to know who was the show host Fu Qiang’s secret wife. After clicking on the news link, they realized…wasn’t she one of the judges of “Legendary Star Chef,” Mrs. Zhong Qingzi?

The two had been secretly married for 20 years?

When the news broke out, Zhong Qingzi was caught off guard. Before she had even gone to look for Fu Qiang, his phone call came.

“Zhong Qingzi, I thought we’d agreed not to reveal our marriage to the outside world. Why did you expose it?”

Zhong Qingzi felt that she was wrongly accused. “Are you out of your mind? How could it be me who had broken it out?”

It was impossible for the two to expose their relationship to the public because they had agreed to break up peacefully and maintain their secret marriage for the sake of their children many years back; they would not expose it to the public.

The two had been at peace for twenty years, each living their own lives without interfering with each other.

Fu Qiang had secretly married a new wife in Hong Kong and Taiwan and had a son with her. Whereas Zhong Qingzi traveled around the world tasting good food, as well as making many boyfriends.

Once the relation

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