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As though in spite, Mu Chenguang took off his shoes and clothes and got into one of the sleeping bags in the tent and lay down.

Wandou stood outside the tent, speechless. This was the first time she had heard a man claiming himself to be a daisy-fresh boy. She really wanted to know whether Mu Chenguang had brain damage.

She craned her neck and peered into the tent to look around. The tent was quite spacious and there were indeed two sleeping bags inside. Basically, they could not violate each other’s space.

Looking at the man’s back, Wandou mustered her courage and crawled into the tent, took off her clothes, lay in the sleeping bag and sleep.

Anyway, the night would quickly pass once she fell asleep, and they would be able to go home the next day.

She just had to make do with it!

Not to mention that the sleeping bag was quite soft too. The bottom was padded with several layers of thick matting; she didn’t feel cold in it at all.

Laying in her sleeping bag facing away from Mu Chenguang, Wandou could not fall asleep for a long time. The main reason for her sleeplessness was that she was too shocked at what Xu Xiyan had told her during the day.

She kept thinking about it unwittingly. Whenever she thought of it, she would inevitably think of the man behind her. His ears…

No, no, no, she shouldn’t think about it anymore. Time to sleep, time to sleep. Wandou hypnotized herself for a long time before she fell asleep blearily.

In the middle of the night, Wandou vaguely felt a weight pressing down on her and felt a little suffocated. She opened her eyes and saw the bastard of a man lying on top of her body like an octopus.

No wonder it felt so heavy!

She turned around, and she could see the man’s handsome face very closely, his facial features perfectly well-chiseled. As the man’s eyes were closed, his eyelashes looked really long, casting a crescent-shaped silhouette under his eyes.

To be honest, she used to be very obsessed with Mu Chenguang. She had a collection of discs of all the music videos he had acted in.

He had occupied the best time of her teenage girl years, but who knew that when she met him in reality, she would find out that his character was completely different from what she had imagined.

Her good opinion of him had been subverted!

With great effort, Wandou managed to kick Mu Chenguang aside, but after a while, the man rolled over and got on top of her again. She had no choice but to push him away again.

She had to say this: This guy is really a misbehaving sleeper!

Wandou was so exhausted trying to push him away as he kept rolling over. She was already sweating all over in her sleeping bag.

Wandou opened her sleeping bag to let in some air, but before she could close it up, the man rolled over again. This time, he directly hugged her and kept her in his arms. He had even snuggled his head on her shoulder.

His breath was hot on her neck. Wandou was so scare

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