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If not for Jing Xi, Li Zhonghao would still be with Shen Mengyuan, and she would be the one receiving the present instead of Jing Xi.

Everyone, even Xu Xiyan, still thought that the dress was from Huo Yunshen, but when she saw the card on the present box, she realized that it was actually from Mo Yutian.

Mo Yutian knew about her birthday and got her the dress.

Even though the dress was pretty, she did not like it.

She put the dress back into the box and put a note in it before having one of her guards send the present back to Tianyu’s president.

Mo Yutian was not surprised when he got the present back because he’d already anticipated it.

That was what made Xu Xiyan different from other women.

Most women in the world would be flattered, even if only a little, when being gifted with a lot of expensive and pretty presents.

But Jing Xi was not flattered at all.

She was loyal to the man she loved and would never fall for riches or fame.

That was one of Xu Xiyan’s qualities that would make every man fall for her.

It just made Mo Yutian like her more. He liked how Xu Xiyan was loyal to Huo Yunshen and was even envious of Huo Yunshen, hoping that he could replace Huo Yunshen one day.

Mo Yutian took the note out and read what was written on it.

[Thank you for the gift, but please refrain from sending me anything in the future. It’ll only be a waste.]

Mo Yutian ignored the content and was instead really glad that Xu Xiyan would write him a note.

He sniffed the note as if there were still traces of Xu Xiyan’s perfume on it.

There was a knock on the door, and one of Mo Yutian’s subordinates came in with a heat insulated box.

“Sir,” the subordinate said. “This is the dish Miss Jing created today.”

“Put it down.”

The subordinate placed the dish in front of Mo Yutian and left him alone to enjoy it.

Mo Yutian was really glad that he sponsored the show so that he could have a chance to taste Jing Xi’s dishes.

If one were to say that Mo Yutian’s heart had fallen for Xu Xiyan, then they could say that even his tastebuds had fallen for her now.

Mo Yutian couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like when he could taste Jing Xi’s foods every day.

And that made him sure of one thing: he wanted Jing Xi more and more.

It was about time for the next round, and Mo Yutian turned on the projector.

Even though he could not get close to Jing Xi, he still wanted to look at her every second.

On the screen, Xu Xiyan was completely immersed in making her own dish.

There was no way she could’ve known that her foods were all sent to Mo Yutian after the show had ended.

The second runner-up was decided after the sixth round, and it was Han Xinyun. The only two competitors left were Xu Xiyan and Shen Mengyuan.

Xu Xiyan’s dish was slightly better than Shen Mengyuan’s in the final bout, but her score was clearly lower.

William was the only one who gave her a full s

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