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The name of the film caught Helian Wei’s attention.

It reminded him of the name he once used, Feng, which his Little Moon called him when he lost his memory. [1]

In Helian Wei’s memory, Little Moon always wanted him to remember the word “Jing.”

“Your name is Feng, and my name has Jing in it,” Little Moon explained. “Together, we are the landscape.”

“Yes, and you’re the prettiest landscape in my life,” Feng said as he hugged Little Moon.

“Are you sure that there won’t be another landscape?”

“No, you’re the only one in my life,” he replied and kissed her.

“Sir? Mr. President?”

Le Xiu’s voice pulled Helian Wei back from his memory.

“What?” Helian Wei asked back.

“I’m asking whether you want me to book a seat so you can watch the movie,” Le Xiu replied.

“Do it. But keep it a secret.”

“Yes, sir!”

The conversation between Helian Wei and Le Xiu was heard by Yun Xuerou. When she heard that Helian Wei intended to watch Landscape, she couldn’t stay calm anymore.

Yun Xuerou had seen the film and realized it was the exact story of Jing Ruyue’s past.

The film even mentioned Lady White Tea and how she’d forced Helian Wei to leave Jing Ruyue.

If Helian Wei were to see the film, he would’ve become suspicious of her. And if he were to investigate because of that, trouble would befall her.

Yun Xuerou quicky ordered You Jin to prevent Helian Wei from watching the film by using any means necessary.

Le Xiu had booked a whole room in the National Theater just for the President and had him over to watch the films.

Helian Wei sat in the theater with Le Xiu in the huge theater.

But when the film began, he realized it was another film titled Root of Evil.

“What’s this?” Helian Wei asked.

“I think the theater is doing a promotion for the old movie too,” Le Xiu quickly explained, realizing that the staff might’ve made a mistake. “Look, Jing Xi is the main actress too.”

“All right, let’s watch this first.”

Since Jing Xi was also in the film, Helian Wei did not mind watching it too.

Le Xiu quickly let out a sigh of relief when the President did not question any further and couldn’t help but admire his own wit for getting out of that situation.

After watching Root of Evil, Helian Wei was really surprised by how talented Jing Xi was at acting.

Helian Wei even noticed shadows of Little Moon in Jing Xi’s eyes.

Although he was watching Jing Xi’s film, in truth Helian Wei was reminiscing about Jing Ruyue.

If Jing Ruyue were still alive and was still with him, they would’ve had a child as old as Jing Xi.

Helian Wei waited for Landscape to play after Root of Evil, but the screen remained black.

Before he could even ask, Le Xiu got up and said, “I’ll go check with the staff.”


[1] The film is titled “风景 (Feng Jing)” in Chinese.

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