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Xu Xiyan lifted her wine glass, giving him a toast, “Thank you for everything you’ve prepared for me, dear. It must be hard work.”

Huo Yunshen clinked his glass with hers, then took out a long, small black box from under the table and handed it to her. “Happy birthday, dear.”

“What’s this?”

“Open it and take a look.”

Curious, Xu Xiyan opened the box. It contained a particularly delicate and beautiful necklace.

She noticed that the pendant of the necklace was a cute little cherry, and there were two small clouds on each side of the cherry.

“Wooow, what a cute necklace! You bought it?”

“I didn’t buy it. I’ve made it myself. This cherry here represents our daughter, and these two clouds represent me. So this necklace represents that our daughter and I will always be protecting you.”

“Thank you, dear, I love it!”

Xu Xiyan was so touched that tears began to well up in her eyes. She was really happy; she was happy with his sincerity, and even more happy with the significance of the necklace.

“Let me help you put it on.”

Huo Yunshen went around her, took out the necklace and put it around Xu Xiyan’s neck.

It could be said that the fully hand-crafted necklace he had specially made for her was very suitable for her. When the necklace was worn around her neck, it gave her a look of adorableness and playfulness.

After the two had a romantic dinner, they strolled outside around Qingyun Residence, enjoying the scenery around Yao Lake together.

At this time, they heard something explode, the sound penetrating the air and echoing above their heads.

Looking up, she saw a large bouquet of fireworks being released above the Yao Lake, blooming in the night sky, its light reflected on the water. It was really beautiful.

“It’s fireworks!”

Xu Xiyan was overjoyed. She was surprised that he had prepared a fireworks show for her.

“Yeah, do you like them?”

Huo Yunshen embraced his wife from behind, resting his chin on top of her head as the two of them enjoyed the fireworks together.

“Yes, I like them very much. No matter what it is, I’ll like it as long as it is prepared by you,” Xu Xiyan said very seriously.

As long as Huo Yunshen did it for her, even if he had given her a feather, she would think that it must be the most special feather in the world.

The fireworks were very beautiful. As the fireworks went on, they became more beautiful and their shapes became very special.

They bloomed in the sky in the shape of a heart. There were also letters flashing past one by one, forming a romantic sentence:


Standing under the splendid fireworks, Xu Xiyan turned around and hugged Huo Yunshen, feeling very touched. She raised her head, stood on her toes and kissed him on his lips.

After a passionate kiss, Xu Xiyan said to him, blushing, “Dear, do you have your military uniform with you?”

“Why?” Huo Yunshen was caught off guard by her question.

Xu Xiyan

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