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It was the first time Huang Guoqiang directed a romantic film.

The people guessed that Qi Liya must be the reason for Huang Guoqiang taking on the new challenge.

Yet, the two people that were at the center of attention that night were still the International Movie King, Su Jimo, and the new goddess, Jing Xi.

The host knew that Huo Yunshen was sitting amongst the guests.

He turned to the crowd and asked, “Mr. Huo, will you get jealous if we have Mr. Su and Ms. Jing play some intimacy game later?”

Every person turned their head to Huo Yunshen, but he just kept on smiling.

Xu Xiyan took over the microphone and said, “He won’t get jealous, but he might just not let you leave the venue safely.”

“Oh my god! The weather sure is good today…” the host quickly changed the topic and made the crowd laugh.

The premiere began with a Q&A session before showing a few behind the scene clips from Landscape.

The premiere was a huge success, attracting a lot of attention towards the film.

The premiere ended with the announcement of the release date, which was on the 1st of February.

“The Legendary Star Chef” began to air on Boxing Day. The show attracted a lot of views due to Xu Xiyan’s fame.

The most discussed topic on the show was Xu Xiyan, mostly on her cooking ability and how she entrapped Huo Yunshen with her tasty foods.

But most viewers also noticed from the first episode that Zhong Qingzi gave Xu Xiyan a very low score.

They couldn’t believe that a food blogger would dare to give a lower score than two other judges who were both well-known head chefs.

The only explanation that the viewers could find for Zhong Qingzi’s action was that she forgot to bring her brain to the show.

The same thing happened to Xu Xiyan on the second and third episodes. Zhong Qingzi still tried to give Xu Xiyan troubles, but Xu Xiyan countered them perfectly.

Especially on the part where Xu Xiyan served the tofu dish disguised as Foie Gras, it was very satisfying to watch.

The viewers were disappointed when Xu Xiyan did not win first place in the final episode, but Huo Yunshen’s guest appearance mellowed their disappointment out.

It was during that episode people realized that Huo Yunshen was more perfect than they ever imagined.

[Oh my god! He’s even good at cooking! He really is my idol!]

[And here I thought Huo Yunshen was being enchanted by Jing Xi’s food, it actually is the other way around?]

[Did you guys see how Mr. Huo helped Jing Xi with the onion? It’s so sweet!]

[Oh! Please, God! Bless me with a husband like Huo Yunshen!]

Just as the netizens were talking about the couple online, a scandal surfaced.

[Famous Food Blogger Zhong Qingzi Caught Cheating on Legendary Star Chef!]

The news talked about how Zhong Qingzi violated the competition’s rule by not revealing that Shen Mengyuan was related to her by blood.

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