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With his face close to her ears, he said seductively, “Didn’t I just tell you to dress up? But you didn’t listen, so don’t blame me for helping myself now.”

“I was wrong, okay? Please spare me, my lord!”

“Too late.”

It was too late to say anything. She could only blame herself for wearing something so seductive and strut around in that in front of him.

The man began to attack her all over in the kitchen. He found that the benefits of wearing a shirt were too many. It was really convenient.

After Huo Yunshen was satiated in the kitchen, he came out carrying the little woman back to their room so she could dress up, then carried her back to the dining room for breakfast after she had done so.

Xu Xiyan was more behaving now; she ate her breakfast obediently and no longer dared to act inappropriately in front of Huo Yunshen.

In the afternoon, two guests came to the Qingyun Residence.

The sound of a guitar could be heard coming from afar. Xu Xiyan walked out of the house and saw a man and a woman sitting under the pergola in the garden outside.

“Wandou? Chenguang?” Xu Xiyan said, recognizing the two.

“Sister Jing Xi!”

Wandou saw Xu Xiyan coming out as though she saw her great savior arriving and rushed over to meet her. “I’m glad that you’ve come. If you hadn’t come, I might have broken down.”

“What’s wrong? Listening to Chenguang’s guitar playing will break you down?”

Xu Xiyan saw that Wandou had a hard-pressed look on her face. She looked like she was not lacking torment caused by Mu Chenguang.

“Absolutely! Usually people take money for playing music, but he takes your life by playing music!”

Wandou did not understand music; she did not have the innate ability to appreciate it. In short, Mu Chenguang had been forcing her to enjoy all kinds of music every day, which was really agonizing to her.

When Mu Chenguang heard her evaluation of him, he immediately put down his guitar, walked over to them and grabbed Wandou’s wrist. “What did you say? Say it again!”

Wandou was not afraid though the man was staring intensely at her. She pulled her hand away and immediately hid behind Xu Xiyan, making a funny face at him. “That’s what I said! People take money for playing music, but you take lives by playing music! Hmph!”

“You—Wan Xiaodou! Believe it or not, I would smash you with my fist and grind you into soybean flour!”

Mu Chenguang was at a loss on how to teach this girl a lesson. She was always rebelling against him; she would insist on going backward if he told her to go forward, and she would go defiantly east if he told her to go west.

He would be lucky if he didn’t die of anger at her rebelliousness while being his assistant.

Now that Jing Xi was here as her shield, that girl began to act boldly again.

“Alright, you two, can’t you both live in peace?” Xu Xiyan tried to persuade them as a mediator.

“No!” Wandou refused. She didn’t want to get along with Mu Cheng

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