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Several hours later, the plane landed at the Fstan Airport. Their group rushed to the hospital where Huo Erqi was admitted.

When they arrived at the hospital, Huo Erqi had already undergone surgery and was now lying in the intensive care unit. Fortunately, she had only suffered a few external injuries and her life was not in danger.

Police in Fstan had begun to investigate the cause of the suicide attack. After the investigation, it was confirmed that the incident was caused by local dark forces in Fstan—members of the Dark Zone.

It was the Dark Zone again!

Huo Yunshen made a bold speculation: Was it because Mo Yutian wanted revenge against him that he had deliberately ordered his men to create such a vicious incident starting from his loved ones?

As he thought of his family far away back in Peijing, Huo Yunshen could not help but feel anxious. Looks like he had to hurry back to Peijing to be at ease.

After there were no more major problems with Huo Erqi, their family of three immediately flew back to Peijing without delay.

Back in Peijing, the family of three first returned to the Huo family mansion. Chen Yunlu had already ordered the servants to prepare a hearty lunch. Now she was just waiting for them to come home to have lunch together.

Chen Yunlu had been standing at the main entrance for more than an hour, craning her neck to look out for them.

Huo Zhen came over in his wheelchair and teased her, “Stop looking for them. You’re going to be a giraffe if you continue looking out for them like that!”

Chen Yunlu turned around and said, feeling peeved, “I’m happy to become a giraffe. I just can’t help missing my granddaughter! I’m not like you. You don’t even bother to ask about our children after they’ve been gone away for so long.”

“Won’t they be annoyed if we ask too much? When they’re supposed to come back, they will naturally come back!”

“Okay, okay, I understand. You’re such a reassuring person.”

Despite saying that, Chen Yunlu still stood in the same place, looking outward anxiously.

Not long after, a few figures finally appeared in the shade of the trees. Chen Yunlu squinted her eyes to look clearly. “They’re here! Dear! They’re back!”

“I see them!”

Huo Zhen looked in the direction she pointed with her finger and saw his son and daughter-in-law arriving with his little granddaughter. The family of three were walking towards them.

Chen Yunlu noticed that only the family of three had come. She did not see Huo Sanyan. She wondered, “How come I didn’t see our little Sanyan?”

“It’s not like you don’t know that she’s always not at home.”

Chen Yunlu did not ask anymore. When the family of three was nearing, she went up to greet them happily. “You’re all finally back! Oh, Cherry, come to Grandma!”

After seeing her grandmother, Ying Bao ran happily to her and plunged into her arms, greeting her sweetly, “Grandma~!”

“Oh, my precious granddaughter, let Grandm

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