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[Dongxie Xidu]: Jing Xi, I’ve also received Director Huang’s invitation. Please help reserve good seats for me and my Qianqian. Let’s “planepool” together. Thanks.

[Qianqian Quege]: Don’t reserve seats for me. I have no time to go.

[Dongxie Xidu]: You dare not go? Believe it or not, I’ll teach you a lesson!

[Qianqian Quege]: [Sticker of a bloodied knife]

[Dongxie Xidu]: I’m wrong, dear. Please punish me however you wish tonight.

[Qianqian Quege]: Get lost!!!!!

Since everyone seemed eager to travel and Xu Xiyan felt like inviting her friends to Qi Liya’s wedding to liven up the party too, she might as well issue an assembly order in the group chat:

[Mr. Huo is having a big treat for everyone: A luxury tour to Hawaii! Food, accommodations, and return flight included! Those who are interested sign up now!]

And so this was how a big group of people had shown up to fly in the private plane the next day. Those who had said that they were not coming ended up being persuaded to come by their significant others.

When it came to travel, the most excited ones were the children. Ying Bao was happy that she was able to travel with her parents again.

What made her very happy this time was Brother Feimo and his family had come too. She could play with Brother Feimo together!

Everyone was here and they all shut down their electronic devices. The plane officially took off.

Not long after their plane flew away, a private passenger plane flying in from another country landed at the Peijing International Airport.

The cabin door opened, and a noble and mysterious man got off the plane with a group of people surrounding him.

Ever since he saw the film Landscape that day, Helian Wei had always wanted to come to Zstan to look for Jing Xi to confirm some things.

But every time he was about to come over, there would be a variety of situations happening around him. It wasn’t until today that he had free time to fly over here.

As he was traveling privately, President Helian Wei kept himself very low-key. After getting off the plane, he got on his exclusive car and made his way towards the international hotel where he was going to stay.

When he arrived at the hotel, he did not take a rest. He immediately ordered Jin Xiu, “Invite Jing Xi in my name. I want to talk to her in private.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

After receiving his orders, Jin Xiu went off to contact Jing Xi.

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However, in Zstan, he could not find out where Jing Xi and her family lived. He could only go to the entertainment company she was under to locate her.

Very unfortunately, the front desk of Jingyue Entertainment told him that Jing Xi had not accepted any jobs lately and her itinerary was not clear.

“Do you have Jing Xi’s number?”

“I’m sorry, I cannot disclose her private number to you.”

“Then do you have her manager’s or her assistant’s contact information?” These should b

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