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Chapter 1137: Hope

Helian Wei was amazed by Huo Yunshen’s braveness and wit, feeling glad that he had such an outstanding son-in-law.

Time was the only thing stopping Helian Wei from reuniting with his daughter. He planned to keep the information that they were father and daughter from Huo Yunshen until Xu Xiyan was saved.

Huo Yunshen was feeling grateful towards Helian Wei for sharing such valuable information with him, but there were still other problems presented right in front of him.

“Since Mr. President has tried to attack Lstan, I guess you have a few ideas on how to get into the country?” Huo Yunshen asked. “Can you show me how? I have to go in and get Jing Xi back.”

“Of course. You can head towards Lstan from my country. My son, Qingyu, will provide you with all the assistance you need.”

“Thank you!”

After the conversation, Helian Wei headed back to Estan in his private jet as Huo Yunshen began his preparation to save Xu XIyan.

Helian Wei’s information was like a lifeline for Huo Yunshen to hold onto as he finally had new hope.

Soldiers were going through drills on one of Lstan’s beaches, which Xu Xiyan could clearly see from the balcony with a pair of binoculars.

She had been trying to get a grip of Lstan’s formation and production line, and she finally got the hang of it.

Each and every island in the Black Sea was responsible for a different line of production, from mining to farming to industry. Lstan was an entirely self-sufficient country.

Anything that was imported into Lstan would have to go through a strict inspection.

And most of the people in Lstan worshipped their emperor like a god, forming a religion called the Dragonism.

Every first and fifteenth day of the month were Prayer’s Day, where they would pray to the emperor, the manifestation of the Dragon God.

The first priority for anyone who wanted to live in Lstan was to join the Dragonism, and anyone who failed to do so would be sentenced to death by fire.

Mo Yutian told Xu Xiyan that he would be performing the ritual to join the religion when the moon was at it’s highest during the night.

Xu Xiyan refused at first, but Mo Yutian only gave her two options.

One was to marry him and become his queen, or join the Dragonism and become one of its followers.

If Xu Xiyan wanted to meet her mother, she had to choose either one of the options.

With the two options presented to her, Xu XIyan would rather join the religion than to marry the maniac.

The ritual was held in the temple situated right in the middle of the main island.

After going through a very complicated process, the ritual was near its completion.

The pope poured holy water over Xu Xiyan’s head and announced, “This soul is now purified! From this day onwards, you’re one of us. Bow to our precious Lord.”

And by Lord, the pope meant Mo Yutian, their emperor.

Xu Xiyan had no other choice but to bow to him as Mo Yutian

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