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Chapter 1117: Force Kiss Her

The wedding dress was definitely made for Xu Xiyan and only her. As she put on the dress, she looked like an angel descending from Heaven.

“Oh my god! You’re so pretty!”

“Wait, I’ll snap some pictures!”

“Isn’t Mr. Huo ready yet? He should see this!”

And It was then that Huo Yunshen appeared from behind in his tuxedo, his eyes set on his wife.

“You’re so pretty,” Huo Yunshen exclaimed.

She was the prettiest bride in his mind, and no one could even come close to her.

Xu Xiyan raised her head and looked at Huo Yunshen, who was in his black tuxedo as if he was a prince from the medieval era.

“Hubby? Are you really my husband?” Xu Xiyan asked, unable to believe how good looking the man was.

Xu Xiyan’s words made the people all around them laugh as Huo Yunshen walked towards Xu Xiyan and took her by her hand, leading her into the photo booth.

“I finally know what a match made in Heaven means,” Wan Dou sighed. “They were really made for each other.”

“Aren’t you and Mu Chenguang the same as them?” Ni Xuelin laughed. “When are you two going to get married?”

“In which part of us do you see us as a match?” Wan Dou scolded. “We aren’t even in that kind of relationship. We’re just an employer and an employee.”

Ni Xuelin had known both Wan Dou and Mu Chenguang together for a lot of time, and from the way they talked to each other, Ni Xuelin could clearly see that Mu Chenguang was interested in Wan Dou.

Ni Xuelin even saw them kissing by chance when they were in Hawaii.

“You don’t have to deny it…I even saw you two kissing in Hawaii!”

“…” Wan Dou was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

When they were in Hawaii, Mu Chenguang had force kissed her while under the influence of alcohol.

That damn bastard! This is so embarrassing! Wan Dou scolded.

After Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan had their photos taken in the booth, the next stop was at Qingyun Residence.

Since the residence was built on an island in the middle of the Jade Lake, every corner of the place was suitable for photo shooting.

It was the best place for wedding photos.

The couple changed their clothes and posed for the camera.

Since they were both in the acting industry, posing was not a challenge for either of them. They even reflected their love for each other in all of their poses.

They kissed and hugged each other like there was no one beside them.

The photos were so natural that any of them could be used during the wedding.

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