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Chapter 1134: Never Giving Up

Lstan shared nothing with the outside world except for the sunrises and sunsets.

Mo Yutian’s men guarded and monitored the Central Island intensively.

If Xu Xiyan wanted to get out she would probably have to transform into a wisp of smoke or turn into a fish.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to get out of Mo Yutian’s control.

But Xu Xiyan never stopped thinking of getting out. She wanted to leave the island every single day.

She missed home, she missed Huo Yunshen and her daughter so much. She missed everything in Peijing.

How were they now?

Would Ying Bao burst into tears when she saw her mommy again?

The entire city of Peijing was enveloped in sorrow.

The sisters were helping to pack the things of the elders. Huo Sanyan found a rosewood case in the concealed compartment in their parent’s room.

It turned out to be a box of Huo Yunshen’s belongings.

“Brother, it’s yours. All yours.”

Huo Sanyan handed the case to Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen was never aware that their parents had kept such a case full of his belongings.

When everything was sorted out, Huo Yunshen came back with the case.

He did not open it until midnight.

It turned out to be full of his childhood memories: his slingshot, his first certificate, his red scarf…

There was also an album of every sweet moment of him growing up from a kid.

Toward the end of the album, there were a few group photos, and in one of them his parents were holding him as a toddler. They were so young.

Staring at their pictures Huo Yunshen covered his eyes and burst into tears silently. How he wished they were still alive!

However they were gone forever. He could only see them in the pictures now.

Packing up his sorrows, Huo Yunshen turned to the last page and found a picture of his parents and his master, Qi Zhengming. Uncle Ming was still a young man in the picture.

Huo Yunshen suddenly recalled that his father’s last words were to find Qi Zhengming.

Why did he ask him to find Uncle Ming?

It had been a long while since he met Uncle Ming for the last time. He wondered how he had been doing these years. Was he still in good shape?

Huo Yunshen figured that when things were all settled and Jing Xi was back, he would go to find Uncle Ming.

Finishing the album, Huo Yunshen put it back and found a red silk pouch underneath.

It was a delicately crafted pouch. There was an animal with a dragon head and an eagle body embroidered on the pouch, and it seemed like a symbol.

Huo Yunshen found it familiar. He seemed to have seen it elsewhere.

Inside the pouch, there was a fine antique jade, also carved with the animal with a dragon head and eagle body. It had a square base carved with weird ancient characters.

It was definitely not Chinese, nor was it ancient hieroglyphics. It seemed more like Sanskrit.

Huo Yunshen remembered that he used to see such characters in

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