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Huo Yunshen walked into the Huo mansion with his heart bleeding as he stared at the destroyed garden and bodies covered in white sheets.

Including his grandfather, a total of 14 people had died from the explosion.

Huo Yunshen handed the kid over to Jing Zhannan and went to look for his wife again, but Xu Xiyan was still nowhere to be found.

“Jing Xi… Did anyone see Jing Xi?”

No matter how many people Huo Yunshen asked, the answer was the same: “No.”

Just as Huo Yunshen was still confused, he got a call from Ye Xun.

“Boss!” Ye Xun reported. “Jing Xi was taken, and they boarded a ship into the Black Sea! We tried to go after them, but our boat malfunctioned once we got near the Black Sea.”

And at that moment Huo Yunshen was sure that Mo Yutian was the one behind the explosion.

The explosion was a distraction so that he could abduct Jing Xi right under Huo Yunshen’s nose.

Huo Yunshen knew very well that once Mo Yutian went into the Black Sea, it would be hard to go after him.

The Black Sea was Mo Yutian’s territory, an area that was famed along with the Bermuda Triangle. People who were not affiliated with the Dark Zone would perish if they tried to enter the Black Sea.

It was also the reason why no one was able to take down the Dark Zone completely.

People of the Dark Zone could always find a safe haven in the Black Sea.

There was no way for Huo Yunshen to get back Xu Xiyan anytime soon, so he handed Ying Bao to Jing Zhannan’s care and tended to his family matters.

He helped the police with the investigation and rushed to the hospital.

The first thing he did when he arrived was to visit all that were hurt in the explosion.

When Huo Yunshen met up with his sisters, they were still waiting outside the operation room.

But when the light turned off, and doctors came out, they bore bad news. They were not able to save Chen Yunlu, and there wasn’t any time left for Huo Zhen either.

Huo Zhen was basically breathing his last breath, but there was something that he still needed to tell his son.

Huo Yunshen went into the operating room, where his mother was lying on one table with no sign of life while his father was on the other, barely breathing.

“Dad…” Huo Yunshen called out as he grabbed his father’s hands.

“Yunshen…” Huo Zhen gasped. “I don’t think I can make it…”

“No! You have to hang on! The doctors will save you! They definitely will…”

“When I die… Go… Go and find…”

“Find who?”

“Qi Zheng… ming…” Huo Zhen finished the name, and as his hands fell, he closed his eyes forever.

“Dad!” Huo Yunshen cried.

His sisters heard his scream and rushed into the operating room. They fell to the ground, crying when they saw both of their parents lying on the operating tables without any sign of life.

As Huo Yunshen stared at the bodies of his parents, he also fell to the ground, grabbing his head as he cried.

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