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Chapter 1119: Giving Your Best

But neither Ni Xuelin nor Qi Fang ever asked the other about their past relationship. They never discussed anything about it.

But progress was finally made.

[Aren’t you afraid of being in a long-distance relationship?] Ni Xuelin asked.

The message showed that Ni Xuelin wanted to be in a relationship with Qi Fang but also expressed her concerns.

[I’ll go look for you. Send me your address.] Qi Fang replied.

[Let me know when you’re coming, I can pick you up at the airport.] Ni Xuelin texted back, unable to believe that Qi Fang was planning to visit her in Zstan.

[Sure thing. I can’t wait to meet my pretty girlfriend.]

They kept texting each other until Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan were finished with their photoshoot.

After the photographer left, Huo Yunshen asked his chef to prepare food for everyone that was still on the island.

Xu Xiyan took off her dress and changed back into her original clothes.

“Oh my god! I’m so tired!” Xu Xiyan complained.

“Tired? Then let me carry you,” Huo Yunshen said and gave her a piggy-back ride.

Xu Xiyan did not say anything and rested her whole body on his back as they walked out of the bedroom.

When they arrived at the garden, only Ni Xuelin was there waiting for them.

“Where’s Wan Dou? And Mu Chenguang?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“They must be kissing somewhere.” Ni Xuelin smiled as she put down her phone.

Just as she finished her sentence, Mu Chenguang and Wan Dou came back, hand in hand, while Wan Dou had her head down the whole time.

When Wan Dou raised her head, everyone noticed that her lips were a little swollen.

“Oh my… Looks like both of you are giving your best,” Xu Xiyan laughed.

Wan Dou was so embarrassed that she wanted to die, wishing that she could kill Mu Chenguang and get away with it.

Mu Chenguang had kissed her until she was almost suffocating, as she could not feel any strength in her limbs. She began to wonder if Mu Chenguang had a lot of girlfriends before her, because he was too well-versed in kissing.

But in truth, Mu Chenguang hadn’t had any other girlfriends.

He was still feeling pity that he’d only gotten to kiss Wan Dou for 40 minutes and he vowed to find more time to kiss Wan Dou in the future.

They left the Qingyun Residence after having their lunch.

Huo Yunshen took Xu Xiyan back to Shengshi Yujing while Mu Chenguang was in charge of sending the two girls back home.

He sent Ni Xuelin back to her place first. When Ni Xuelin got out of the car and walked towards her apartment, he noticed someone standing in the shadows.

She walked closer to see who it was and was surprised by the person standing there.

“Mr. Qi?”

The man turned and smiled at her.

“Long time no see.”

“Why are you here?”

Ni Xuelin remembered that she had just sent him the address to her place and she thought that he was joking about visiting her.

“I wanted to give you a sur

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