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Chapter 1139: Bearing My Baby!

They finally arrived at the hall and on the throne sat a man that shocked Xu Xiyan when she first noticed him.

The man was so pale that one could mistake him for a vampire in the movies.

Not only that, his eyes were so cold and scary that just staring at them made Xu Xiyan shiver.

“Why are you here?” Mo Xie asked grimly.

He was the type of person that did not like being disturbed.

“Long time no see, father. How have you been?” Mo Yutian greeted as he recalled the last time they’d met was a few years ago.

“Say it, what do you want?” Mo Xie asked as he shook the photo in his hand.

In the photo was a picture of a woman who had almost the same face as Jing Ruyue, and Mo Xie had no idea why Mo Yutian showed it to him.

Mo Yutian pushed Jing Xi to the front and asked, “Do you recognize this face? Does she remind you of someone you really love?”


Mo Xie did not say anything as he stared at Xu Xiyan.

The stare felt like a vampire surveying his prey to Xu Xiyan as a shiver went down her spine. It was as if Mo Xie would lunge at her without any warning.

“Who is she?” Mo Xie finally asked.

“She’s Jing Ruyue’s daughter, Jing Xi,” Mo Yutian explained. “I brought her here to meet her mother.”

He still needed his father’s approval before they could meet the woman lying on the crystal bed.

The castle was still Mo Xie’s private property, and Jing Ruyue was his prized treasure, something that he would do his best to hide from the world.

“…” Mo Xie had already heard from Lady White Tea that Jing Ruyue had a daughter, but he never paid any attention to it. Yet when his son brought Xu Xiyan to him, it finally piqued his interest.

He got down from his throne so that he could have a closer look at Xu Xiyan.

As he slowly walked towards Xu Xiyan, he finally saw a glimpse of Jing Ruyue’s face on her.

“She really looks like her, only younger…” Mo Xie mumbled as he tried to grab Xu Xiyan by her chin.

But Mo Yutian was fast enough to stop him as he pulled Xu Xiyan behind him.

Even if Mo Xie was Mo Yutian’s father, there was no trust between them. There were only fights and suspicions that men always have for each other.

Mo Yutian was worried that his father would fall for the younger version of Jing Ruyue, and he started to protect her.

“Now that you have already made sure who she is, can you let us meet her mother?” Mo Yutian asked. “It was a promise I made to her, and I intend to keep it.”

“She can leave, but not you,” Mo Xie said and did not mention if he agreed or not.

“Father! She’s my wife now, and she bears my child in her belly!” Mo Yutian scolded. “I hope you won’t have any second thoughts on betraying Jing Ruyue!”

Xu Xiyan knew Mo Yutian was lying about the baby, but she was still surprised when she heard him mention it.

She did have a baby in her belly, just not Mo Yutian’s.

She was worried that Mo Yutian would forc

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