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“Ah… my castle… sobsobsob…”

When Ying Bao saw the beautiful castle was destroyed, she was so sad that she cried.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen heard the child crying and hurried over to investigate.

Tang Yichen thought that his son had provoked Ying Bao. He asked him indiscriminately, “Feimo, didn’t I tell you to play with your little sister? Why did you make her cry?”

Tang Feimo was very innocent. “Dad, I didn’t make Cherry cry. It was this nasty ball that smashed our castle.”

The man who came to retrieve his ball realized that his ball had ruined the children’s sandcastle, making one of them cry. He immediately apologized to them.

When the man left, Tang Feimo coaxed Ying Bao, “Don’t cry, Cherry! Brother will build you an even bigger castle and make you the world’s number one princess, okay?”

Ying Bao smiled, successfully amused. With tears still on her face, she nodded and said okay.

As the sun set, they returned to the hotel and had a buffet dinner at the hotel in the evening. They met up with Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya and asked them about the wedding preparations.

The wedding preparations had been completed half a month ago and they were just waiting for the joyous day to arrive after that. It was obvious that Huang Guoqiang had put a lot of effort into the wedding preparations.

He was really regarding Qi Liya as his precious treasure, pampering her in his hands. Qi Liya was nourished by his love every day and she was exuding a glow of happiness and sweetness from the inside out.

Originally, Qi Liya had only asked Xu Xiyan to be her bridesmaid, but now, Xiao Yuqian, Wandou, Ni Xuelin, Huo Sanyan and several other girls had voluntarily joined the ranks of bridesmaids.

The bridesmaid group and the best man group had suddenly expanded several times. This was also equivalent to giving face to Qi Liya and Huang Guoqiang.

The wedding day finally arrived.

The clean and clear seaside was decorated with fresh and fragrant flowers and purple gauze that danced lightly with the wind. Romance filled the air everywhere.

There were also a lot of handsome men and beautiful women wearing beautiful clothes, all of which had become part of the beautiful beach scenery.

The wedding of Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya was held here. No media was invited. Only good friends were invited so they could witness their love together.

The bridesmaid group today was very special, but in order not to steal the bride’s limelight, everyone’s bridesmaid dresses were low-key.

The two children, Ying Bao and Tang Feimo, acted as their little flower girl and boy. Under the blessings of the priest, Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya completed a romantic wedding.

When the two kissed sweetly, everyone gave their sincere blessings.

After the wedding was completed, it was time for the bride to throw the flower bouquet. Everyone stood behind and waited for the bouquet to be thrown.

Perhaps it was God’s will that the fl

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