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Chapter 1124: Shot Him In The Heart

Therefore she wiped away her tears and told her son, “Well. Mom will pack our things and take you back to Peijing for uncle’s wedding.”

“Really? Great! Yeah! We are going home!”

Lu Qiancheng sprang with joy.

Huo Yijing went to her room to pack. Soon she came out with a huge suitcase.

She took her son to set off. But upon opening the door she saw a man standing outside.

Huo Yijing lost one breath when seeing it was Jing Zhannan. How could he find me here?

Lu Qiancheng found Jing Zhannan as a pleasant surprise, “Uncle, how come you are here?”

“Uncle came to bring Chengcheng home!” Jing Zhannan said with a smile when he bent down and patted on Lu Qiancheng’s head.

“Great! Mom and I are already packed. We are ready.”

Lu Qiancheng could not wait to go home.

Jing Zhannan glanced at Huo Yijing and took over her suitcase without asking. Then he lifted Lu Qiancheng and said, “Let’s go, Chengcheng.”

“Let’s go! Let’s Go!”

Lu Qiancheng clapped his little hands cheerfully and turned to his mom. “Hurry up, Mom!”

Although Huo Yijing was not ready to confront Jing Zhannan, she had to face it sooner or later. She followed them submissively.

Jing Zhannan drove them back to Peijing.

When they got out of the car in front of the Huo Mansion, Lu Mingsheng suddenly showed up and stopped Huo Yijing.

“Jingjing, finally you are back. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Upon seeing Lu Mingsheng, Jing Zhannan stood in front of Huo Yijing and blocked Lu Mingsheng from approaching further.

Huo Yijing looked at Lu Mingsheng emotionlessly as if he was a stranger.

The look shot him in the heart.

He had been looking hopelessly for her for such a long while. Knowing that Huo Yunshen was getting married, he reasoned that being his eldest sister, she would definitely come for the ceremony.

But he was not expecting that she would show up with Jing Zhannan.

Jing Zhannan found Huo Yijing ahead of him. Are they together now?

Thinking of that, Lu Mingsheng felt restless yet helpless.

Realizing that his ex-wife would never speak to him, Lu Mingsheng turned to his son instead. “Come to daddy, Chengcheng. Daddy missed you so much after such a long while.”

Jing Zhannan was holding his hand. But upon seeing his dad, Lu Qiancheng got rid of Jing Zhannan immediately and ran into Lu Mingsheng’s arms. “Daddy, I missed you so much too.”

Until then, Lu Mingsheng had felt distinctively how badly he’d missed his son and how important his son was to him.

Who would ever care about blood ties?

He raised Lu Qiancheng for seven years. How profoundly bonded they were!

“Come on, Chengcheng, let’s get inside.”

Huo Yijing did not want to spare any chance for Lu Mingsheng. She came and took Lu Qiancheng toward the Huo Mansion.

Lu Mingsheng was reluctant and wanted to follow. But Jing Zhannan blocked his way.

“You are not worthy of it. Go away and do n

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