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A Song chose to be selfish when his life was on the line.

He could only apologize to Huo Yunshen in his head.

Huo Yunshen remained silent for a few seconds and turned to face the gravestone.

“Leave! I don’t ever want to see you again,” Huo Yunshen said.

“Sir, take care…”

A Song thought that Huo Yunshen was letting him go and turned to leave.

But before he even took more than 10 steps, he heard shots fired from behind him, and he looked at his chest where holes had appeared.

Shocked by the sudden gunfire, A Song fell to the ground.

Behind him, Huo Yunshen remained facing the grave, but a gun had appeared in his hand.

To him, A Song had to die by his own hands.

He told A Song to leave because he did not want to witness blood splattering near him or it would remind him of the scene where his family members lay in puddles of blood.

It would made him go berserk and seek for blood.

Huo Yunshen left the graveyard where more important things awaited him.

He had to look for Xu Xiyan, and bring her back no matter the price he would have to pay.

Night fell as Xu Xiyan woke up.

She climbed up and was shocked by the unfamiliar surroundings.

She could feel herself rocking back and forth. Judging from the wave that could be heard beside her, her instincts told her that she was on a ship.

She could remember herself waiting for Huo Yunshen in the bedroom at the wedding.

Then someone came into her room and knocked her out with his palm. Before she could make out who the person was, she was taken from the Huo mansion.

Xu Xiyan’s hands and legs were tied. When she looked out the window, she confirmed that she was in the middle of the sea.

“Let me out!” she screamed.

But no one opened the door for her.

Xu Xiyan had lost count of how long she had been on the ship when the boat reached the shore.

She was brought down from the boat and onto an island where it was too dark for Xu Xiyan to make out where she was.

She was put into a luxurious car and was driven away from the shore.

She finally saw lights as they drove further into the island.

The car stopped in front of a castle and she was brought into it.

Xu Xiyan noticed that the architecture of the castle belonged to the Baroque style, and most of the paintings that hung on the walls were either black dragons or black devil’s snare.

Xu Xiyan knew when she saw the devil’s snare that she was in Dark Zone’s territory.

Just as Xu Xiyan finally realized who her abductor was, Mo Yutian came out with a group of people.

The people who brought Xu Xiyan to the castle all addressed Mo Yutian as their emperor while they bowed to him.

Xu Xiyan was caught off guard when she heard them calling Mo Yutian “Emperor,” wondering if he was the king of the island.

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