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Chapter 1136: Making More Sense

The two men shook hands and entered the room for further discussion.

“What’s the purpose of Mr. President’s private visit to Zstan?” Huo Yunshen came straight to the point.

“To be honest, upon learning that you and Jing Xi were getting married and immediately followed by the news of the terrorist bombing attack at Huo Mansion, I have to come to Zstan to find out what’s going on.”

Helian Wei was actually here for his daughter. “How is … Jing Xi right now?”

Huo Yunshen frowned. “Why does Mr. President care so much about my wife?”

From his generous support at the Moon Castle and Rose Garden to the private visit today, President Helian Wei was doing too much, more than simply being grateful.

It was indeed obtrusive to inquire about the wife abruptly. Therefore Helian Wei found himself a reasonable excuse, “Because Jing Xi’s father is an old friend. I’m here for him.”


That made more sense.

Huo Yunshen did not lie to Helian Wei. “Unfortunately, after the attack, Jing Xi was taken by people from the Dark Zone. It was my fault.”

“You mean she was taken to the Dark Zone?”


“I’ve sent many people to the Black Sea but in vain. The Dark Zone is indeed well hidden, almost impossible for people to break in from outside.”

As for the Dark Zone, Helian Wei recalled his encounters with them when he was the young chief commander. He led his troops to the Dark Zone and fought fiercely with Mo Xie, the former king of Lstan, beginning the blood feud.

“I know the Dark Zone. But I guess very few are aware that apart from the name Dark Zone, they also have an independent kingdom in the Black Sea – Lstan. You are probably unfamiliar with Lstan, but have you ever heard about the Dragon Kingdom?”

Huo Yunshen frowned further. “I’ve heard about the Dragon Kingdom in the past. But wasn’t it destroyed a few decades ago?”

His master, Qi Zhengming, was from the Dragon Kingdom and used to tell him about the history of the kingdom.

The Dragon Kingdom was said to be a republic where people enjoyed their secludedly joyful and peaceful lives.

Later on, probably due to internal strife, it was destroyed and disappeared.

“The Dragon Kingdom actually did not completely disappear. It was destroyed because of the internal strife. But a new regime was established and relocated to the islands in the Black Sea. They dwelled on the islands and built the monarchical Lstan.”

“Lstan faces Zstan across the sea, and is neighbor to our Estan. They tried to invade us once and were defeated. Since then they have stayed and flourished within the Black Sea. The previous king was Long Xie and his son Long Xiao succeeded when he abdicated.”

So Long Xiao was not only the ruler of the Dark Zone, but also the emperor of Lstan?

He was never aware that his rival had such an important hidden title.

Huo Yunshen was shocked and started to realize how complicated the situatio

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