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“Come on, let’s go back and tell them the good news.” Huo Yunshen smiled as they left the hospital.

And as expected, the family members were all happy to hear the news.

The elders finally would get to have an heir to the family.

And two at the same time.

Ever since Chen Yunlu had learned about Xu Xiyan’s pregnancy, she asked them to move back to Huo mansion.

Since Huo Yunshen had to work in the day, Chen Yunlu could help to take care of Xu Xiyan.

Even though Xu Xiyan rejected it at first, Huo Yunshen mentioned that it would be better to live with his parents and Xu Xiyan finally agreed to it.

And ever since Xu Xiyan moved into the Huo mansion, Chen Yunlu had been giving her all sorts of herbs and nutritious foods, so much that Xu Xiyan had different foods every day.

“You don’t really have to do this for me, I can eat what I usually eat,” Xu Xiyan said as she looked at the chicken soup that had been prepared for her.

“No way! You have two babies in your belly now, you need all the nutrients you can get,” Chen Yunlu scolded.

Even though Chen Yunlu seemed close to Xu Xiyan now, she still understood that her daughter-in-law still had some reservations about her, and she knew she alone was the one to blame for that.

“Don’t worry, I’m doing this for your and the babies’ good; I won’t try to hurt you again,” Chen Yunlu said whole-heartedly while holding Xu Xiyan’s hands. “I hope you can forgive me for what I did to you in the past, and I swear I will treat you as my own daughter from this day onward. I know that your mother passed away at an early age, so you can treat me as your own mother if you want to.”

To show her sincerity, Chen Yunlu took out a few antiquities and handed them to Xu Xiyan.

“These are for you, as an apology for the wrongdoings I’ve done to you.”

There was no way Xu Xiyan could accept such expensive gifts, and she refused them politely.

“Keep them,” Chen Yunlu insisted. “Think of them as gifts for the babies.”

Xu Xiyan could feel that Chen Yunlu had changed a lot, and she had no reason to not let the past go anymore.

“Then, thank you,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Have some rest, I’ll leave now,” Chen Yunlu said, and tried to get up but sat back down instantly from the pain in her back.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Nothing, I have some problems with my lumbar disc because of my age…”

Chen Yunlu had lumbar disc herniation, which sometimes would cause intense pain to her back and leg.

“Are you feeling pain in your leg? Let me help you with that,” Xu Xiyan suggested since she had the spare time.

Chen Yunlu already knew that Xu Xiyan was proficient in acupuncture since she had helped treated Huo Yunshen’s leg problem.

“But I’ve had this problem for quite some time…can it still be cured?” Chen Yunlu asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” Xu Xiyan explained. “Acupuncture can’t cure it, but it can at least help subdue the pain.”

And with that, Xu Xiyan he

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