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Chapter 1133: Wild Ambition

“Not really,” Xu Xiyan replied.

There was no way she could sleep soundly in Mo Yutian’s territory; she even had to sleep with a stick near her for protection.

“Where is this place?” Xu Xiyan asked curiously.

“This is Lstan, the country that our Long family resides in,” Mo Yutian explained since there was no way Xu Xiyan could escape. “It shares the same ocean with Zstan, and it’s just opposite Estan. As of now, we have control of the lands in the Black Sea, but sooner or later, we will control the world.”

After hearing Mo Yutian’s explanation, Xu Xiyan’s body shivered when she learned that Dark Zone aimed to conquer the world.

That explained why they would create the new drug, it was meant as a way to control other countries through their people’s addiction.

The ambition they had was wild.

Mo Yutian pointed at all the lands in the Dark Sea on the map and said, “This will be your future home. I’m the king, and you’ll be the queen with our own princes and princesses.”

“No! This is not my home, and I will never bear you any child! You better give up!” Xu Xiyan scolded.

Even if she had fallen into Mo Yutian’s hands, she would never accept a man as devilish as he was.

“It’s still too early to say that. Do you see the castle over there?” Mo Yutian said and pointed at another castle. “That is where my father, the former emperor, resides. I suppose you’re familiar with the name Mo Xie?”

“Mo Xie is your father? The man who destroyed my mother’s life?”

“In truth, he loves your mother so much, just the same as how I love you. He gave up his throne so that he could watch over your mother in that castle.”

“Are you telling me that my mother is in that castle right now?”

Mo Yutian replied with a faint smile.

“How can I see her? When are you going to bring me over there?”

Xu Xiyan was eager to make sure whether her mother was really alive or if Mo Yutian was lying to her.

“When you agree to marry me and be my queen.”

“In your dreams!” Xu Xiyan refused without even thinking.

Xu XIyan knew how dangerous Mo Xie was, just like Mo Yutian.

The father turned himself into the devil so that he could have Jing Ruyue.

While the son ripped Xu Xiyan’s family apart just to get his hands on her.

They were both maniacs in Xu Xiyan’s mind.

“One day, you will be mine. I’ll wait for that day to come,” Mo Yutian smiled as he watched Xu Xiyan left.

There was no way for Xu Xiyan to escape the Dark Sea, so Mo Yutian believed that all he had to do was to wait until Xu Xiyan began to forget Huo Yunshen and open up to him.

He began to picture his future with Xu Xiyan, and their kids playing around them.

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