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Chapter 1126: The Grand Wedding 2

A grandeur retro style bridal sedan drove by. Through the swaying rosy gauze, people could vaguely see the bride wearing a veil and sitting upright inside.

Although they could not see her face, they were already very well informed of her unsurpassed beauty.

The bridal procession passed by major streets in Peijing, and many journalists were broadcasting the spectacular scene.

The roads from Jing Mansion to Huo Mansion were closed. All other vehicles had to detour. The bridal procession walked all the way toward the entrance of Huo Mansion.

Every corner in the Huo Mansion was dressed up in red. All the red carpets, red silk decorating flowers and red lamps were demonstrating the joyfulness.

People gathered around the mansion to witness the ceremony. The servants in the mansion also joined the crowd.

The three Huo sisters were all present. They stood by the entrance and got excited upon the sight of the bridal procession, “They are here! The bridal sedan is coming!”

Huo Sanyan lifted her dress and ran into the courtyard, “Come on, groom! Your bride is here!”


A lofty figure came out of the house. Huo Yunshen was wearing a black and red silk gown embroidered with curling dragons and clouds and a purple golden crown. The tassels flew on both sides of the gown while he walked imposingly and gracefully.

He came like an esteemed emperor arriving at his court.

He was holding his daughter Ying Bao in hand to welcome the bride together.

Ying Bao was also dressed in a jubilant ancient styled costume. It seemed like a delicate little fairy was walking out of an ancient painting.

The tall and small figures walked along the red carpet and were immediately surrounded by the journalists.

“Look at Mr. Huo! How handsome!”

“The little girl is so cute! What a good-looking family they are!”

“I feel like I’m witnessing an emperor’s wedding ceremony back in ancient times.”

The little girl was the most excited. Upon seeing the bridal sedan, Ying Bao sprang in joy and cheered, “Daddy, look! Such a beautiful car! Is mommy there?”

“Yes, she is.”

Huo Yunshen bent slightly and patted her on her head. “You will come inside with mommy and daddy shortly.”

“No prob!”

Fireworks were set off and the bridal sedan finally stopped. Xu Xiyan was escorted out of the sedan. Once she stepped onto the ground, she found her legs being cuddled by someone immediately.

Looking down from beneath the veil she saw the smiling face of her daughter. “Mommy you are so pretty!”

Xu Xiyan pointed on her little nose and walked along the red carpet guided by her daughter until the man in the wedding gown appeared in front of her.

Huo Yunshen was holding his smile. He came to her, placed one end of the red silk into her hand and led her into the Huo Mansion.

Following the traditions, they came all the way to the main hall where the three elders were sit

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