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Chapter 1138: His Counter

Mo Yutian had secretly instructed his followers to start preparation.

It was merely a matter of time before he could marry his queen.

Getting out of Dragonism, Xu Xiyan got rid of Mo Yutian and asked, “You promised that once I was converted, you would bring me to my mother.”

“No hurry. We have plenty of time. Shall I show you somewhere else now?”

He wanted to hold her hand again but Jing Xi managed to keep her distance. She stared at him, enraged, and yelled, “Mo Yutian! You Liar! I shouldn’t have trusted you! You are never faithful! How could I be so stupid to believe that you would actually bring me to my mother? Now I know it was just a lie. You made it to trick me into this. You lied about my mother being alive!”

She was outraged and ran down the stairs upon finishing the yelling.

“Wait, Jing Xi…”

Mo Yutian chased her down the stairs and got hold of her. He explained, “I didn’t lie to you. If you wish I can take you to her right now!”


Soon enough Mo Yutian took her to the harbor of the Central Island where a cruise named “Princess” was berthed.

Boarding the cruise they set off toward the soaring historical castle.

It was foggy and rough on the sea.

It was not a good day for sailing with the rising tide. But Mo Yutian never wanted to let Jing Xi down. In order to please her, he had to set sail in the wind.

The cruise sailed for more than an hour on the rough sea before it finally arrived at the historical castle on the Ghost Island.

They got ashore and Mo Yutian called the guard to open the gate. But the guard refused. “No one can enter without permission from His Excellency, Long Xie. Please leave, Your Majesty.”

Mo Yutian was shut out. The reason why he could no longer enter was that he had once broken into the underground Crystal Palace and destroyed the crystals there. Since then, his father expelled him from the castle and would never let him in again,

“You let him know that I have an extremely important matter and have to see him today. If he will not let me, I will break in!”

Mo Yutian knew that his father would never listen to anyone.

Therefore, whether they could get into the castle would all depend on his counter today.

He gave the guard a picture of Jing Xi and believed that Long Xie would probably let them in upon seeing her photo.

The guard went to deliver the words. Xu Xiyan was confused. “Who is Long Xie?”

“My father.”

Xu Xiyan realized something and asked, “If he has an alias as you do, is he also Mo Xie?”

Mo Yutian said nothing which confirmed her speculation. “If my mother is with Mo Xie, he should know about Lady White Tea. Shouldn’t he?”

“Ask no more. It won’t do you any good to know anything further!”

Mo Yutian warned her about asking further questions.


Xu Xiyan had to keep the questions to herself since he refused to answer.

In a short while, the guard was back and opened

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