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Chapter 1118: Kiss All He Wants!

Wandou could not help but cry out, “Oh my god, I really felt as though I was being stuffed with dog food seeing Mr. Huo and Sister Jing Xi shooting their wedding photos.”

“What are you afraid of? You have Prince Mu anyway—at least you can spread dog food too. I’m the one who is suffering here as the dog food is being fed to me alone!”

Ni Xuelin was the one who was the “single dog,” okay!

Wandou clenched her delicate fists as she said hatefully, “I don’t want to spread dog food with him! Best not to let me see him! Otherwise, I’ll wallop him whenever I see him!”

She didn’t know that the man, who was quietly approaching her from behind, had heard everything she said.

She didn’t want to spread dog food with him?

She would wallop him every time she sees him?

Mu Chenguang really did not know that the girl was so resistant towards him. Back then when he had kissed her in Hawaii, hadn’t she enjoyed it?

In order to let the girl know what to say and what should not be said and the consequences of speaking inappropriately, Mu Chenguang grabbed her head by force as he came from behind and gave her a fiery kiss.


Wandou was in the middle of a conversation, but actually ended up being kissed by someone by force. When she saw the close-up handsome face before her eyes clearly, she felt goosebumps rising on her skin.

Her mouth was sealed by his kiss and her body was also hugged by him. She could not move. She wanted to beat him with her small hands but her beatings would feel like a tickle to him.

Ni Xuelin saw such an intense scene when she turned around and looked. She could not help laugh and remark, “Are you two trying to kill me? Oh please, I suggest the both of you go somewhere else and kiss all you want!”

Mu Chenguang let go of her and Wandou was able to breathe. She could not help but widen her eyes and curse him, “Mu Chenguang, are you sick!?”

“Yup! Only you have my cure!”

The man really listened to Ni Xuelin’s words, directly picking up Wandou in his arms.

Wandou screamed in terror when she was lifted off the ground. “What are you doing? Let me down! How can a man like you be so unruly!”

Mu Chenguang did not budge. “I’m only unruly towards you alone! Who taught you to be so disobedient!”

“But you can’t just force a kiss on me in public! You hooligan!”

“Hmm, seems like Sister Xuelin’s suggestion is good. We can go somewhere else and kiss all we want. Sister Xuelin, we’ll be going now.”

Mu Chenguang had long realized this: He didn’t have to be courteous at all when treating Wandou. The more polite he was, the farther she would run.

The only right thing to do was to trap her in his sphere of control domineeringly.

Ever since Mu Chenguang forced a kiss on her last time, he’d gotten addicted to doing it. Now he felt like kissing her every day. There was not a single second that he didn’t want to.

Thus, he ignored Wandou’s

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