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Xu Jinshan was sitting on his bed, scratching his legs.

The door was suddenly flung open and in came a group of men in black suits which made Xu Jinshan jump.

He was wary of the people who suddenly visited because he had no idea what they wanted with him.

Until a man in a pair of leather shoes and a bespoke suit walked in.

The man had a mysterious and powerful look in his eyes as if he was above everyone else.

The moment Xu Jinshan saw the man he knew that he was a danger.

The man signaled for all of his guards to wait outside except for Le Xiu.

“Xu Jinshan!” the man shouted as if he was from hell.

As soon as Xu Jinshan heard his name, he thought the devil had come for him. He began to wonder if the man was his former boss, Mo Xie.

Xu Jinshan had only seen the back of Mo Xie and never saw his face, that was why he mistook the man in front of him as his former boss.

He thought that his former boss had come to save him.

“Mr. Mo! Please save me! Get me out of here…”

Even though Xu Jinshan was not insane, he was already at his limit from being locked in an asylum.

He would really turn insane if he were in there any longer.

He tried to hug the man’s leg but was kicked away by Le Xiu the moment he closed in on the man.

Helian Wei looked at Xu Jinshan from above.

“Do you know who I am?” Helian Wei asked as soon as he heard Xu Jinshan call him “Mr. Mo.”

“You’re Mo Xie! Please get me out of here! I don’t want to stay with these idiots any longer!” Xu Jinshan said.

Helian Wei never expected to hear the name of the man he hated the most from Xu Jinshan’s mouth.

Helian Wei had already guessed that the person who ruined his relationship was Mo Xie ever since he saw Landscape.

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It seemed to Helian Wei that Xu Jinshan had mistaken him for Mo Xie, but he did not tell Xu Jinshan just yet.

“Do you still remember what I ordered you to do?” Helian Wei asked. “You have to tell me since I can tell if you’re the real Xu Jinshan or not from your ruined face.

“You gave me a huge sum of money and wanted me to marry Jing Ruyue at all costs. You also told me that I can do anything to her other than having sex with her. I did what you asked, and I tortured her at least three days a week!”

After hearing what Xu Jinshan has just said, anger filled Helian Wei’s head as he gripped his fists tightly.

He had no idea that Jing Ruyue had suffered such humiliation after going back to Zstan.

Mo Xie was the one who ruined her life and made Xu Jinshan torture her.

“So you never had sex with her for the whole six years?”

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