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Sorrow, the irreconcilable sorrow was taking over.

It was extremely heartbreaking!

He had been hiding his identity for so many years in order to protect his family.

But today the dearest three were killed.

His grandfather, father, and mother were all dead.

It was miserable!

It was he who had gotten them into this.

He was the most sinful throughout generations in the Huo family!

The bombing in Huo Mansion became the breaking news throughout the city and shocked all sectors of the society.

It was the grand wedding at the beginning, and in the next moment it turned into a disaster scene.

Everyone was terrified by the news and no one could believe it.

They all wondered why there was a bombing.

Who dared to create such horrors during Huo Yunshen’s wedding?

No matter what the reason was, the bombing had panicked almost everyone in Peijing.

Huo Yunshen was overwhelmed. But he had to take care of the funerals despite the great sorrow he was suffering from.

Meanwhile, it was found that the reason for the attack was a traitor.

His bodyguard Ah Song was bribed by Mo Yutian’s people and became their planted agent. He reported to them whatever happened with Huo Yunshen.

Mo Yutian was fully aware of whatever he planned. Therefore he could have plotted such a flawless attack by creating the terror, drawing them away with the kid and kidnapping Jing Xi secretly.

In the cemetery.

Huo Yunshen stood by the grave of his grandfather, father, and mother in profound grief.

In a short while his men brought Ah Song.

“On your knees!”

The bodyguards kicked the back of his knees and Ah Song was forced to kneel down.

“Master, he’s here. What should we do?”

Huo Yunshen turned. Dressed in black he seemed like Satan who had just walked out of hell, wrapped in a chill and hostility.

He was pressing down like dark clouds that took people’s breath away.

“Ah Song! Did I ever mistreat you?”

Huo Yunshen overlooked the man on the ground bitterly.

They were all his trusted followers who had risked their lives for him.

He could not understand what had made Ah Song betray him.

“My apologies, Master…”

Ah Song lowered his head in shame. He could think of nothing else other than apologies.

He was not a born JS but came from the Dark Zone. He was sent by Mo Yutian.

He came to Huo Yunshen just to confirm whether he was Zeus.

In the beginning, Huo Yunshen had not trusted him and was very cautious about a newcomer like him.

He’d had to risk his life for him several times in order to gain his trust.

Huo Yunshen looked above at the dark sky. It was as gloomy as he felt.

“You should be sorry indeed. Because of you, my family members died and my wife went missing. You tell me how I should punish you to vent my anger.”

Ah Song stared blankly at him and seemed sentimental.

Throughout the years he was deeply attracted by Huo Yunshen’s perso

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