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If they cut the rope Ying Bao would definitely fall off the cliff.

He dared not think of the consequence!

Instead of rushing forward, Huo Yunshen and Jing Zhannan looked at each other and made a plan. They would distract the kidnappers and seek out a chance to save the kid.

“Who sent you here? Why are you taking my daughter?”

Huo Yunshen tried to buy time for Jing Zhannan to bypass the car and get to the back, in order to make a sneak attack.

Jing Zhannan got into a close fight with the kidnappers and Huo Yunshen joined.

Soon enough they took down two of them, and Huo Yunshen kicked down the third one. The man was thrown onto the ground and vomited some blood.

But he spared no chance for the kid and started cutting the rope with his knife.

The rope was almost broken and the kid was almost falling. But Jing Zhannan was quick enough to pounce and get hold of the end of the rope.

The man tried to attack Jing Zhannan. But a dagger was stabbed into his heart before he could attack.

“Yunshen, get the kid!”

Jing Zhannan felt the rope sliding from his hand.

“Ying Bao!”

Huo Yunshen ran to the cliff. But the knot was untied before he could reach the kid.

Ying Bao was falling off the tree and into the cliff. Huo Yunshen felt a most profound fear and instinctively leaped toward the edge of the cliff.

Before he fell off, he threw the kid back with every bit of his strength. Luckily Jing Zhannan got hold of the kid in time.

“Daddy… daddy…”

Ying Bao was heartbroken to see her daddy falling off the cliff in order to save her.


Jing Zhannan shouted while holding the kid.

What should he do?

The man was supposed to be in a wedding ceremony today. However, he fell off the cliff in order to save his daughter. And he, as his assistant, could do nothing but watch him falling off.

How could Huo Yunshen survive from falling off such a steep cliff?

What about Jing Xi and Ying Bao if he died?

While Jing Zhannan and Ying Bao were kneeling by the edge, a hand reached out from below the cliff.

Following the reaching hand, a familiar face appeared.

It was Huo Yunshen!

He was alive!

“Yun Shen!”

Jing Zhannan hurried to pull Huo Yunshen up.

As soon as Huo Yunshen stepped onto the ground, Ying Bao jumped onto him and cried hard. She thought her daddy was never coming up again.

“Daddy…” she whimpered.

“Sweat heart, daddy is here, daddy is here. Don’t be scared.”

Huo Yunshen lifted his daughter and tried to calm her down. But recalling his missing wife he sensed some instant horror. He turned to Jing Zhannan immediately and said, “Uncle, I think we are trapped. We need to look for Jing Xi right away.”

He felt that they had been set up by a smoke screen.

Ever since the bombing they had been led to find his daughter. But he overlooked something very important. Jing Xi was supposed to be there. Yet when they came to the bridal chamber,

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