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Chapter 1100: They Had To Stay Together In The Same Room

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“My, this is really unexpected! I really like Qingge.”

The old woman took Xu Xiyan’s hand as she looked her over and over again.

Xu Xiyan chatted with the old woman for a while. She didn’t expect that she would have such an elderly fan herself.

“What is this lunch gathering for today?” the old woman asked again.

Ying Bao, who was next to her, answered in the adults’ stead, “Grandma, this is a one-month celebration for my little brother Beibei.”

“A one-month celebration?”

At this moment, Fang Xiaocheng, who had just breastfed Beibei, came out of her room and shouted for Yi Xiao, “Yi Xiao, the child pooped again. Can you help me?”

“Oh, I’m going to help. Mom, you stay here.”

Yi Xiao hurried off to help Fang Xiaocheng with the child. Mrs. Yi was curious. Just now that woman had come out of her son’s room and called him to help with the child. What does this mean?

“Where did the child come from?”

Wanting to see what was going on, the old woman followed after him.

Inside the room, Yi Xiao was changing the child’s diapers while the child’s mother watched him from aside.

No matter how astute Mrs. Yi was, she was still surprised. She asked in shock, “Yi Xiao, whose child is this…”

Only then did Fang Xiaocheng notice that there was a woman standing at the door. Slightly dumbstruck, she asked Yi Xiao, “Who is the auntie at the door?”

At this point, if Yi Xiao said that the child was not his, things would be difficult to explain as both mother and child were staying in his apartment. He was also afraid that his mother would criticize Fang Xiaocheng unfairly.

He could only brace himself for it. He directly wrapped an arm around Fang Xiaocheng’s shoulders and said, “Mom! I’ve been hiding this from you and did not tell you. This is my wife, Fang Xiaocheng. Our child has just reached one month old.”

“…” Fang Xiaocheng was shocked. What—did—he—say!

Seeing that Fang Xiaocheng was dumbstruck, Yi Xiao squeezed her shoulder secretly and signaled her with his eyes to cooperate with him for a while to put on an act in front of his mother.

Fang Xiaocheng vaguely figured out what was going on. As Yi Xiao looked at her imploringly, she had no choice but to nod at his mother reluctantly.

Mrs. Yi was thunderstruck. She could not believe it at all. She looked at Fang Xiaocheng, then at the fair and chubby little baby. Who would’ve thought that her hard-headed eldest son had actually married a wife and had a son without saying anything?

Suddenly, joy appeared on her face as she rebuked him, “Oh, you slow-witted, stupid son. You didn’t even tell your family that you’ve gotten a wife. Why didn’t you say anything when the child was born? The child is already one month old. If I hadn’t come today, I wouldn’t have known such a big thing. Oh, just look at the way you handle things. You’d r

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