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Ye Xun thought that if Huo Sanyan was able to recognize Huo Yunshen, then she could definitely recognize him too. It was just that he had not shaved for a few days.

He tidied his messy hair and wiped his face, then came over and grabbed Huo Sanyan’s hand. “Sanyan, take another good look at me. I’m Ye Xun. Have you forgotten?”

Huo Sanyan withdrew her hand, then hugged her own head, imploring Huo Yunshen, “Brother, my head hurts. Can you please tell these people to get out!”

She didn’t know this man. He was just like a madman going up to her and simply touching her.

Considering that she had just woken up, she might need time to adjust herself. Huo Yunshen had no choice but to ask them to go outside, then call the doctor in to check on Huo Sanyan.

After the doctor came over and checked on her, he said that she was suffering a traumatic aftereffect. Her hippocampus was definitely damaged and she may have short-term amnesia. It was very normal for her to lose some parts of her memory and not remember the people around her.

After hearing such an explanation, Ye Xun was completely in despair. “So that means I don’t exist in her memory? She has completely forgotten me?”

Xu Xiyan comforted, “Please don’t be sad, Second Senior. She does not remember you, but she also does not remember me either!”

Was she trying to comfort him?

What Ye Xun was sad about was: If Huo Sanyan could never remember him anymore, how was he going to bring the old Huo Sanyan back?

After Huo Sanyan’s emotions and spirits were stable, Huo Yunshen took Xu Xiyan into her ward and asked her to recognize her. “Third Sis, do you know who she is?”

Huo Sanyan looked blank. After looking at her for a while, she said with pleasant surprise, “Bro, is this your girlfriend?”

“She used to be my girlfriend, but now she is my wife, Jing Xi. Have you forgotten?”

“Third Sis…” Xu Xiyan called out to her.

Huo Sanyan’s reaction was once again surprising. “Sis-in-law is so beautiful. When did you two get married? How come I don’t remember it?”

The couple: “…”

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan exchanged looks, guessing that Huo Sanyan might have forgotten the memories of a certain period of her life. For example, if she could not recognize Jing Xi, then it could be speculated that she had lost all the memories after Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi’s meeting.

They brought their daughter to Huo Sanyan and let her see her. “Then, do you still remember her?”

Huo Sanyan thought for a long time but she could not recognize her. Ying Bao felt hurt. “Auntie Three-Eyes, how could you forget Baby? Did water go into your head?”

Of course, how could water not have entered her head after she fell into the sea?

In her surprise, Huo Sanyan had accepted the fact that her brother had secretly married a wife and given birth to a child. After seeing their daughter, she expressed how much she adored the child.

“Oh my God, a niece has fallen from the sky for m

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