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Chapter 1125: The Grand Wedding 1

Lu Mingsheng understood that he was in the wrong; not only had he ruined a once-happy family, he had also lost his wife and son in the process.

At that moment, the only thing that he wanted was to get them back and beg for their forgiveness.

But he wondered if he would ever have the chance to do so.

Huo Erqi went back to Zstan the day before the wedding after she has fully recovered. All three of Huo Yunshen’s sisters gathered at the mansion, ready for the wedding.

Xu Xiyan also returned to the Jing mansion to prepare for the wedding.

“I don’t know why, but I feel like something bad is about to happen…” Xu Xiyan said when she called Huo Yunshen.

It felt too quiet for Xu Xiyan, it was as if it was the calm before the storm.

“You must be paranoid about the wedding, everything will be fine once it’s over,” Huo Yunshen comforted.

“I really do hope so. I’m really afraid that a person might do something in the dark.” Xu Xiyan expressed her worries as she recalled what had happened to Huo Sanyan and Huo Erqi.

“Don’t worry, the whole of Peijing is alerted right now, no terrorist can enter this city that easily.”

To make sure the wedding would proceed smoothly, Huo Yunshen had already arranged for a few of his mercenaries to protect the city.

“Should we just cancel the wedding?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Xu Xiyan would not mind if the wedding were not held, as the thing she wanted the most at that moment was for her family to be safe.

“It’s too late to cancel it, the invitation has already been sent out. I promised to give you a grand wedding, and I’m not planning to go back on my word.”

Huo Yunshen showed that his will to marry Xu XIyan would not waver, no matter what happened.

“All right, fine.”

“Get some good rest. You are going to be my beautiful bride tomorrow.”

Xu Xiyan had only slept for a few hours when the dress-up artist came to her place.

The bridesmaids, which consisted of Fang Xiaocheng, Xiao Yuqian, Wan Dou, and Ni Xuelin, were all waiting for Xu Xiyan in their traditional Chinese dresses.

When Xu Xiyan came out in her bright red dress, it shocked the whole crowd.

“Oh my! You’re so pretty!”

“You look like you could be an empress in the past!”

“I really can’t wait to see what Mr. Huo will be wearing!”

Everything was prepared, and according to the Chinese tradition, Jing Zhannan helped his niece onto the wedding carriage.

The carriage was 3 meters tall and needed 10 people to carry it.

With the carriage, the band and everything else, the group that marched towards the Huo mansion was 2 kilometers long.

The wedding had attracted almost everyone onto the street to witness the traditional marriage between the two biggest families in Peijing.

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