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“No, stay right there!” Xu Xiyan shouted, stopping Huo Yunshen in his tracks as he noticed the man hiding behind his wife.

Mo Yutian walked out from his hiding and stared at Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen could see from their looks that Xu Xiyan was being threatened by Mo Yutian.

“Let my wife go unless you want to go to war!” Huo Yunshen shouted, staring at Mo Yutian with anger in his eyes.

He was ready to kill.

But Mo Yutian was not even concerned with it as he whispered something into Xu Xiyan’s ear.

After listening to what Mo Yutian had said, Xu Xiyan raised her head and shouted, “Huo Yunshen! Go back! I’m filing for a divorce, so don’t come for me!”

“What?” Huo Yunshen could not believe what he had heard and asked to make sure.

“I said I’m filing for a divorce!”

“No! You’re not! I know you’re being forced by Mo Yutian! Don’t be tricked by him!” Huo Yunshen shouted, and he turned to address Mo Yutian. “You better let her go! Or else I’m going to tear you apart!”

“Stop being so stubborn! This is my own decision!” Xu Xiyan shouted as tears filled her eyes. “The photos you saw were real! I’ve already fallen for him! Let me go! I don’t want anything from the divorce, but please take care of the kid!”

Even when Huo Yunshen knew that Xu Xiyan was being forced to say those words, he was still hurt.

His wife was determined to leave him.

She had fallen for someone else.

And in just a few minutes, the social media was filled with news about their divorce.

A lot of people saw the news and were shocked by it.

Their new movie, Deep In the Shadows of the Stars, was still in theaters, but news of their divorce was already made public.

[Is it true? Jing Xi is leaving Huo Yunshen?]

[I think it is. She announced on her official page.]

[Please tell me this is a joke! I believed in love once again because of them, are they trying to ruin my life?]

[No! This must be fake! Jing Xi’s love for Huo Yunshen is real! This must be a joke!]

A lot of people could not believe the news, but the person who could not believe it the most was the man involved in it.

“I’ll count to three!” Huo Yunshen shouted. “Let her go, or I’ll shoot!”

Mo Yutian knew how accurate Huo Yunshen was with a gun, but he was not fazed by it.

Mo Yutian pulled his and Jing Xi’s jackets up, showing Huo Yunshen what he had planted underneath them.

“Then shoot me! If I cannot be Jing Xi’s husband, then we’ll die together! Come on! Let’s see who’s faster, your bullet, or me pushing the button!”

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