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Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan appeared on Room 103’s doorstep just before dinner with Ni Xuelin.

Other than them, Tang Yitan’s family, Xiao Yuqian, Ma Haodong, Mu Chenguang and Wan Dou were all invited.

They all came to have a look at the baby and to give their blessings to him.

Since Huo Sanyan liked babies a lot, she spent most of her time playing with the baby.

“Mr. Ye, look at how cute he is!” Huo Sanyan smiled. “Why don’t we make one too? Having a little kid calling us daddy and mummy seems fun, right?”

“Who wants to make one with you?” Ye Xun scolded. “If you want one, then go make it with someone else!”

“So you plan on having a childfree family? Fine, if you don’t want one, then we can be a DINK family. My sister is one too, and look at how happy she is with her hubby.”

“Mind your own business!” Ye Xun scolded, unable to understand…since when did he show that he wanted to become a family with her?

Ye Xun was almost at his limit of having Huo Sanyan treating herself as his wife.

Xu Xiyan had prepared a lot of foods, and the lunch was about to begin when the doorbell rang.

“Is there anyone else coming?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“I’ll go,” Yi Xiao said and got up.

But as soon as he opened the door and saw who was outside, he almost had a heart attack.

“Mum? Why are you here?”

Yi Xiao’s mother was standing right outside. She’d come straight up to the suite by using the ID Yi Xiao had given her a while back.

“To see you, of course,” the woman in her 50’s smiled while she picked her luggage up.

“At least let me know beforehand…” Yi Xiao mumbled.

“Do I have to inform the president before visiting my son?” Yi Xiao’s mother scolded and went straight into Room 103. “Oh my! I can smell some food! Did you prepare something for me?”

“Wait… Mum…” Yi Xiao was trying to stop his mother, but it was too late.

As soon as his mother stepped into the house, she was shocked by the huge number of people gathered there.

“Oh my! Why are there so many people here? Are you having a party?”

“…” Yi Xiao was already speechless and quickly explained. “I’m sorry, my mum visited suddenly…”

“No worries,” Xu Xiyan smiled. “We can have lunch together too.”

Yi Xiao took her mother to clean her hands and went back to the dining room.

“Thank you for the food,” Yi Xiao’s mother said to Xu Xiyan as she scanned the people in the room.

Huo Yunshen was the only one she knew and she said, “I know this is Mr. Huo, my son’s boss.”

“Nice to meet you,” Huo Yunshen greeted.

Yi Xiao’s mother landed her eyes on Xu Xiyan and exclaimed, “What a pretty lady! She looks like a huge movie star or something.”

“Mum, she IS a movie star,” Yi Xiao smiled wryly. “She’s the protagonist in the show you told me about, Beauty of the World.”

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