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At this time in Shengshi Yujing Apartment No. 101, the living room was dark. The lights were not turned on.

Huo Yunshen sat on the sofa at home watching the live broadcast of the awards ceremony, staring at his wife in a black dress on the stage.

His eyes were as dark as night; inside, his heart was a constant knot that couldn’t be loosened.

Messages from Jing Xi kept coming to his phone. After reading the messages, the man became even more silent and began to reflect on his behavior.

He had been a bit too rash. He clearly knew Xu Xiyan’s feelings for him, and yet he had been enraged by those photos.

If he were to back down and look at the situation, could he not love Xu Xiyan anymore even though she was involved in a scandal with another man?

The answer was no.

Just like Tang Yichen had said: he should believe in his own heart and also believe in Jing Xi. Do not be blinded by the scandals.

He watched his wife returning to her seat sullenly after she was defeated on stage. At this moment, he was very worried about her.

Maybe he shouldn’t have been angry with her. Maybe he should’ve accompanied her on the red carpet. Maybe he should’ve sat next to her, and given her the encouragement and comfort when she needed it.

This was all because he loved her deeply!

As he thought of this, Huo Yunshen told himself to forgive her, got up, picked up his jacket and car keys and left the house.

At the venue of the awards ceremony, Shen Mengyuan’s golden dress dazzled as she stood waiting on the stage to receive her award.

The host invited a heavyweight star guest to read out the prize presentation speech as Shen Mengyuan’s career achievements appeared on the big screen.

Just as the star guest was about to present the award to Shen Mengyuan, the big screen changed, causing an uproar in the audience.

The pictures on the screen were no longer photos of Shen Mengyuan working hard at the set, nor of her professional performance in her shoot; they were replaced by photos of her engaging in intimate sex play with men.

Among the men were the judge of Legendary Star Chef, Yan Nan; Qi Guohua, the president of the Qi Group; and even the old artist, Qin Shousheng, who was currently sitting in the judges’ seat today.

As these photos were revealed, the judges who had approved of Shen Mengyuan just now felt as though they were given a slap on their faces.

This was a live show. The intimate photos of Shen Mengyuan having sex with a variety of old men showed that she had relied on her talents to win the newcomer award tonight—that’s right, talents to get into bed with men.

For a time, the entire awards ceremony was chaos. Below the stage, the face of the judge Qin Shousheng had turned as dark as coal.

When Shen Mengyuan discovered that something was amiss, she looked back at the big screen subconsciously. She felt cold all over.

What happened?

Who had changed her photos to photos of her exp

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