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Xu Xiyan was breathing heavily from the fight and replied with certainty.


“Are you sure you don’t want to meet your mother before you leave?” Mo Yutian said, slowly raising his head.

He was calm and still, as if Xu Xiyan was his pet now, not worrying that she would try to escape.

“What do you mean?”

Xu Xiyan could not understand why Mo Yutian would bring her mother up.

“Don’t you want to know if your mother is doing fine or not?”

What? Xu Xiyan was confused. Why does he sound like mum is still alive?

“Don’t try and fool me! My mum died when I was six!”

“What if I told you she’s not dead and is very much alive?” Mo Yutian dropped the bomb as he stared at Xu Xiyan.

“…” Mum’s alive? Is he serious?

“I really applaud your method!” Xu Xiyan laughed. “Do you think you can fool me with a clone like how you tried to fool Huo Yunshen? Do you think I’m that stupid?”

Xu Xiyan could not bring herself to believe that a person who had been dead for more than 10 years was alive.

“I know you won’t believe me, but that is the truth. I can only tell you that your mother did not die that night, the one you saw was just a clone. Your mother was stolen from you and is now hidden from the world.”


Xu Xiyan could not process the story fast enough. She was just told that the mother that she saw who passed away was just a clone, where cloning was being used ever since a dozen years ago. She could not believe that the people she was dealing would go so far as to abandon their humanity for the things they wanted.

She couldn’t help but wonder where her mother was if she was still alive.

“Here, see for yourself,” Mo Yutian said, turning the screen to Xu Xiyan, showing the CCTV in the old castle.

The screen showed a woman lying on a crystal bed, her face so familiar to Xu Xiyan’s. It was her mother.

Mum’s really alive? Xu Xiyan asked herself as tears of joy, suspicion, and sadness rolled down her cheeks.

The tears blinded her sight as they dropped silently to the ground.

Xu Xiyan wiped the tears off her face and strolled towards the screen, staring at her mother.

“Where is she now?”

“I got this from Lady White Tea. You have to follow me if you want to meet your mother, or else…”

Mo Yutian was implying that he would take action if Xu Xiyan were to not follow him.

Xu Xiyan was shocked when she heard Mo Yutian mentioned Lady White Tea, suspecting that they were close to each other.

There were a lot of questions in Xu Xiyan’s head. She wanted to learn who Lady White Tea truly was and where her mother was at.

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