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Chapter 1074: She Had Created A Miracle

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When asked why she had chosen to take the path of an actor, tears flowed from Jing Xi’s eyes before she could speak.

The host handed a paper napkin to her. Xu Xiyan wiped her tears with it, then said these touching words:

“The main reason I’ve chosen the entertainment industry was because of my mother.”

“Thirty years ago, she was also nominated for the Golden Goose Best Actress Award, but a scandal about her broke out the night before the awards ceremony. In the end, she was not destined to receive the award, as she died in grief.”

“Today, I’m wearing the dress my mother had wanted to wear for the awards ceremony more than ten years ago. I stand here now to represent her and to complete her legacy.”

“I’ve worked hard as an actor so I can stand here today to ask for justice for my mother: my mother’s death in the past was not suicide—she was murdered.”

“Though the murderer is not known, I believe that one day he or she will be brought to light.”

When Xu Xiyan’s powerful speech ended, the entire awards ceremony fell into deep thought and the hall was deathly silent.

Everyone was thinking about her words, Jing Ruyue’s past, and the mystery she had left behind.

They all looked at the regal and noble woman in a black dress on the stage and felt as though they saw Jing Ruyue from the past. Everyone was shocked.

It turned out that Jing Xi had been bearing the burden of humiliation for her mother.

The awarding session ended. Next would be the selection and awarding of the best supporting actor and actress, and also the best production crew.

Xu Xiyan returned to her seat. Her mood was very somber. She glanced sideways at the shadow that fell onto the empty seat next to her but she did not turn her head. She continued to sink into her own emotions.

It was not until someone held her hand quietly, only then did she turn around in shock.

When she saw the other person’s face clearly, the tears she had struggled to hold back broke out once again.

The man reached out to pull her into his arms, then took out a handkerchief and wiped her tears, whispering in her ear, “I’m sorry, dear.”

As the word “sorry” escaped from his lips, her heart felt even sorer. She was so upset that she felt like shedding tears.

She thought that the man would not care about her anymore, but she did not expect that he would actually come. Xu Xiyan felt deeply touched and her tears began to flow down in greater amounts.

After Huo Yunshen lowered his head and gently comforted her for a while, her tears finally stopped, her mood calming down.

All this while the couple was leaning in close to each other, whispering to one another. In the eyes of an outsider, they would think that Mr. Huo was comforting his wife who had won the award and was so moved to tears, but no one knew what they had really gone through.

As the a

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