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She got down from the car with her assistant. With sunglasses over her eyes, she waved elegantly to all the reporters.

Under the spotlight, she constantly struck various poses, trying to make herself look perfect and impeccable before the cameras.

However, as she was posing, a woman suddenly rushed out from the crowd.

The woman was very fast. She ran forward and grabbed onto Shen Mengyuan’s clothes, cursing her loudly, “You stinking, shameless homewrecker! You’ve seduced someone else’s husband…”

The situation happened too suddenly. As Shen Mengyuan was wearing 10 cm high heels and due to her unsteady footing, she was immediately knocked over to the ground by the woman.

The woman started to beat her madly, strangle her, tear her clothes, her mouth cursing ceaselessly that she was a man-stealer who had wrecked someone else’s family.

The reporters did not expect that such an interesting scene would suddenly occur. They all aimed their cameras at them and began to snap away madly.

Shen Mengyuan did not wear much in the first place. Her dress and her jacket were quickly torn into rags by the woman and she was becoming barely dressed in front of everyone.

This was not finished. Like a mad person, the woman even tore Shen Mengyuan’s small clothes off her body.

Shen Mengyuan was exposed to the air without anything covering her body. If she wanted to cover her body, she would be beaten. If she wanted to protect herself from the beatings, she would expose her body.

At this point she had no more energy to fight back; she could only curl up on the ground and take the beatings.

The woman pulled her hair, scratched at her fair-skinned body, punched and kicked at her. Yet no one came forward to help.

Someone had already recognized the identity of the woman. That person knew that she was the wife of Yan Nan; she had probably seen the news and in her rage had come to settle the score with the demon fox woman who had seduced her husband.

What a drama of a wife beating up a homewrecker!

What a great show!

No one had actually come forward to break up the fight. They even felt that a homewrecker like Shen Mengyuan deserved to be beaten up.

In the end, Yan Nan’s wife left with her assistants after teaching Shen Mengyuan a lesson.

Lying on the ground, Shen Mengyuan’s hair was ripped off in great amounts and her body was covered by footprints and scratches. She climbed up from the ground and began to cry loudly.

Finally, it was Lu Jun from her company’s public relations department who appeared and put a coat over her in time, rescuing her and taking her into the car to leave.

Because of this incident, the press conference was canceled.

Lu Jun brought Shen Mengyuan back to his place of residence. Shen Mengyuan sat on the edge of the bed, crying as she said, “I want to report the crazy woman to the police and let them arrest her. This is too much!”

Seeing Shen Mengyuan in her miserable s

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