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“I’ll plan for a counterattack! As long as the Black Sea exists, as long as my country is not dead, I can always make a comeback again. If he destroyed one Dark Zone, I can build tens of thousands more of Dark Zones. One day, the Long clan will rule the whole world!”

“What is your specific plan? Assassination or surprise attack?”

Before Mo Yutian had time to discuss, Reid came in and reported, “Your Majesty, I’ve already inquired. Jing Xi did not die. She was saved by Huo Yunshen.”

Jing Xi was not dead?

Mo Yutian, who had been blaming himself for her death, once again ignited with new hopes.

As long as Jing Xi was still alive, he would not give up easily.

“Excellent! Then we should look for more opportunities. I must get Jing Xi!” Mo Yutian said stubbornly.

Lady White Tea had really thought that he would give up his love for her. It turned out that she was just overthinking it.

She was really furious at him. She couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Er, you and your father are hard-headed. What’s so good about that woman?”

Mo Yutian did not answer. Instead, he asked her, “And what about you, Auntie? Have you ever given up on Helian Wei?”

Lady White Tea was made speechless by his comeback question. That’s right. For so many years, wasn’t she the same for obsessing with Helian Wei?

Even if she knew that he didn’t love her at all, and even if she knew that the man only had Jing Ruyue in his heart, she was still willing to stay by his side.

In short, they were all trapped by love, exhausted by love.

Mo Yutian spoke of his plans in mind. “Auntie, I like Jing Xi, and my father likes Jing Xi’s mother. This is destiny. No matter what kind of means I have to resort to, I have to get Jing Xi. For Jing Xi, I can even imitate my father and keep her in the Crystal Palace for life.”

Lady White Tea sighed. “So you don’t plan on taking revenge?”

“No! I still want my revenge! I will not let Huo Yunshen get away!”

Huo Yunshen had destroyed his plans to conquer the world. Then he shall let him have a taste of the consequences of opposing him.

Did he think that by destroying the Dark Zone, the world would be peaceful?


Mo Yutian ordered Reid, “Pass the order: Start from the people close to Huo Yunshen and exterminate them one by one. I want to see him suffering in great pain.”

“Yes, sir!” Reid obeyed and quickly went off to make arrangements.

At Peijing.

After Xu Xiyan recovered, the first thing Huo Yunshen did was to take her to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for marriage again.

Both husband and wife were dressed very formally. They had already prepared in advance and reserved the whole of the Civil Affairs Bureau for themselves to go through the formalities.

The same person who had settled their divorce was at the counter. When he was settling their divorce procedures, he had not seen the two of them. He thought that the two had really broken up and parted w

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