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Silly woman. Why must she choose to jump into the sea?

If he hadn’t gone after her today, who else would have rescued her in time?

Mo Yutian?

After Jing Xi jumped into the sea, that man did not order his men to rescue her. Instead, he let the plane fly away. Was this the so-called love he had for her?

He couldn’t imagine the impact of losing Jing Xi. He could not dare think of it.

Huo Yunshen held his wife tighter like a lost treasure he had just recovered. He would never let go of her hand.

They arrived at the hospital safely. Xu Xiyan was sent to the emergency room for treatment.

She got out of danger after the emergency treatment and was sent to the ward. Huo Yunshen stayed by her side, guarding her and never letting her out of his sight.

Now, he could not trust hospitals anymore. When Jing Xi was at the Shenghe Hospital, she had been secretly switched out by Mo Yutian.

He was going to watch over her at all times now. He would never leave her again.

During the time at the hospital, Huo Yunshen’s mobile phone was going to blow up with incoming calls. All his friends had called to show their concern and ask about what had happened between him and Jing Xi.

No one believed that they had experienced so many difficulties and a loving couple such as them would suddenly announce news of their divorce.

Therefore, instead of explaining too much, Huo Yunshen asked Xiao Yuqian and Huo Sanyan to work on public relations together and eliminate the negative news of their divorce.

In a few hours, Jingyue Entertainment and Juxing Entertainment both released statements through their official Weibo page.

It was announced that Jing Xi was going to star in a new drama titled Let’s Divorce, Mr. Huo. It was a family ethics drama directed by the famous director, Yang Yeling, and they were officially at the stage where auditions were being held now.

Because of this news, all netizens who thought that Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen had divorced were shocked to hear the news. Damn! They were fooled! So it turned out that they were not divorcing—it was just a promotion for the new drama!

However, the intensity of the promotion was too great, almost causing the netizens to break down. When they saw the divorce scandal, many of them felt a feeling of despair that they would never love again.

Fortunately, it was just a means of hyping up the new drama. Right now, everyone was completely relieved.

In Jing Gongzi’s Weibo page, the anti-divorce remarks were gradually replaced by comments to support the new drama. Many fans were even asking: Is the lead male actor Huo Yunshen?

The storm the divorce scandal caused had finally calmed down, and Xu Xiyan also woke up.

The ability to see Huo Yunshen’s handsome face again after opening her eyes made Xu Xiyan so emotional that she broke into tears. “Dear, am I dreaming?”

“No, you’re not dreaming… you’re still alive, dear…”

Huo Yunshen held her hand tigh

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