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Chapter 1079: Utter Panic

Xu Xiyan finally opened her eyes after sleeping for quite a long time.

The scene she saw was not familiar to her as she struggled to get up.

But as soon as she moved, she could feel an intense pain coming from her back, and it made her lie back down.

“Don’t move, you have to stay still,” a voice said, but that voice did not belong to Huo Yunshen.

She turned her head, and to her surprise, the man was Mo Yutian.

“You?” Xu Xiyan asked with fear in her eyes. She tilted her head and noticed that she was wearing a night robe.

“What… What have you done with me?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything to you,” Mo Yutian quickly explained. “The maids were the ones who changed your clothes.”

Xu Xiyan felt a little relieved when she heard Mo Yutian’s explanation. She did not feel any abnormality with her body, which meant he didn’t do anything indecent to her.

“Where is this? Why am I here?” Xu Xiyan asked.

The last thing she could remember was being pushed down off the stage at the Golden Goose Awards.

She remembered the pain she felt from the waist as if she was being pricked by something, and everything was blank after that.

“This is my home, I brought you back here,” Mo Yutian said, staring at Xu Xiyan as if he was admiring his masterpiece.

“You hired someone to do that to me, didn’t you?”

Mo Yutian remained silent when asked this question, admitting it without saying anything.

“You’re really ruthless!” Xu Xiyan scolded, completely disgusted by Mo Yutian’s actions. “If Huo Yunshen learns about this, he’ll never forgive you!”

“He won’t find out. He’s with Jing Xi now and has no idea that you’re here.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s simple, I have given him another Jing Xi while you will remain by my side forever.”

Mo Yutian’s smile was bright as the daylight, but under the smile was a ruthlessness that sent a chill down Xu Xiyan’s spine.

“Did you find a person that looks like me?” Xu Xiyan guessed.

“You could say that.”

Mo Yutian believed that there was no reason to explain the clone to Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan suddenly recalled the photos of “her” having an intimate relationship with Mo Yutian.

She finally realized that those pictures weren’t photoshopped, but were pictures of Mo Yutian having sex with the fake her.

Xu Xiyan fell into an utter panic when she thought of the fact that Huo Yunshen had mistaken the girl in the picture for her.

“You really are despicable!” Xu Xiyan scolded as her body trembled.

“I did tell you that I would obtain you by any means necessary. I was never a gentleman to begin with.”

“My husband will definitely find out about the truth!”

Xu Xiyan tried to get down from the bed but fell as soon as she stood up. Seeing her fall, Mo Yutian quickly rushed over to help her.

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