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Yi Xiao rushed into the room. Seeing her in a flustered state, he quickly took over. “Don’t worry, let me do it!”

Yi Xiao dealt with the stains on the child skillfully, then cleaned and applied diaper cream on the child before putting a new diaper on the little guy.

All was well now. The little guy was already feeling comfortable and was no longer crying. He was now lying quietly in his crib.

Xu Xiyan walked in, laughing as she exclaimed, “My goodness, you’ve transformed a devil into an angel in an instant! How did you do it?”

Yi Xiao’s face turned deep red. He gave an awkward chuckle before hurrying off with the dirty clothes to wash them.

Fang Xiaocheng noticed that Xu Xiyan had arrived. “Yanyan! Is that you, Yanyan? You’ve finally come back.”

The two sisters hugged for a while. When they released each other, Xu Xiyan said, “I want to see my godson. Oh my, he has grown up a lot after not seeing him for a month! He’s also beginning to have a look. Now that I see him, he’s really beautiful just like his mom.”

“I also think he looks a little better than when he was first born.”

“Yeah! You’ve taken care of him well!”

Xu Xiyan extended a finger to play with the child’s tiny hand. Beibei grabbed her finger immediately. His grip was quite strong. “Oh, oh, oh, look! Little Beibei has caught me! His grasp is really tight!”

“Yeah, he is quite strong.”

Fang Xiaocheng’s thoughts and focus were now fully on the child. As she looked at her son, a gentle smile involuntarily appeared on her face.

Thinking of Yi Xiao who was busy outside, Xu Xiyan said deviously, “Orange, I think you’re quite lucky now. You have Yi Xiao by your side to help you—you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Yeah, if there was no Yi Xiao, I would definitely be in a mess now!”

Fang Xiaocheng had not realized this about herself, that she was very dependent on Yi Xiao now. If he was not there for her, she was really not going to make it.

“Yeah, Yi Xiao’s a good young man. He’s a practical and capable person, and he has a strong sense of responsibility. I think if he were to become Beibei’s father, he’d be more than qualified for it.”

Fang Xiaocheng’s face froze all over when she suddenly heard Xu Xiyan said this. “Yanyan, stop saying such things. I really don’t have such ideas.”

“I know, I’m just saying, and I didn’t ask you to do anything. I just wanted to remind you that you should think more about Beibei. He will eventually grow up and will need a complete family.”

After finishing her words, Xu Xiyan resumed playing with the child. Fang Xiaocheng fell silent.

She understood everything Xu Xiyan had said, but to ask her to let go of Dazhi and put herself in the arms of another man…she didn’t think she could do it.

Yi Xiao…that man was a really, really a good person. But it was also because he was too good, she was not willing to pull him down.

In the end, Xu Xiyan asked again, “Where have you planned to hol

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