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Chapter 1090: The Conspiracy Succeeded


Huo Yunshen was shocked once again.

Mo Yutian had actually tied explosives to himself and Jing Xi, and made preparations to take their lives together?

No wonder Jing Xi had decided to divorce. She was really forced helpless!

As he thought of this, Huo Yunshen’s heart felt so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

It was so painful!

He felt terrible and guilty for not protecting his wife well, and also at the same time extremely worried about Jing Xi’s safety.

Huo Yunshen was helpless in the face of the stalemate at this time. Even if his shooting was fast, what would it achieve?

He couldn’t gamble with Jing Xi’s life!

In the end, after struggling in his heart, he said with great pain, “Fine! I agree to the divorce! Just don’t hurt her!”

Xu Xiyan couldn’t help bursting into tears when he heard him say this.

At this moment, she had already prepared to be separated from her husband. Once she left, she didn’t know when she could see him again.

But Huo Yunshen, the one I love most, and most deeply in my life forever, will always be you!

Mo Yutian’s conspiracy had succeeded, but he was still not satisfied yet. He continued to make more demands. “I want to see the divorce certificate. You have half an hour. I believe that Mr. Huo has the ability to settle this.”

There was no other way. In order to protect his wife, he had no choice but to agree with Mo Yutian’s unreasonable demands. “Fine. Just wait!”

Huo Yunshen made a phone call and began to give Yi Xiao orders to handle the matter.

Urgently and without daring to delay, Yi Xiao found a connection to settle the matter in the fastest speed possible and brought the document to the airport by helicopter.

Half an hour passed. Mo Yutian was becoming impatient. “Mr. Huo, where is your sincerity?”

Just as he finished his words, the helicopter landed at the airport. The hatch opened and Yi Xiao jumped down from the helicopter and madly rushed toward Huo Yunshen.

No matter how urgently the matter was settled, it still took 40 minutes. Huo Yunshen received the certificate and held it up to Mo Yutian so he could see it. “Look here! This is me and Jing Xi’s divorce certificate! You have to promise not to hurt her!”

“That is certain!”

It could be confirmed that the divorce certificate was authentic. Someone arranged by Mo Yutian lurking in the Civil Affairs Bureau had confirmed the validity of the divorce certificate.

Mo Yutian’s demands were fulfilled. He dragged Jing Xi back into the cabin of the plane and ordered the plane to take off.

Helplessly, Huo Yunshen watched the plane take off. A void filled his heart as Jing Xi was taken away.

But he only despaired for a moment. Huo Yunshen jumped into the helicopter immediately, ordering the pilot to take off and pursue Mo Yutian’s plane at full speed.

Above, in the blue sky, a luxury private jet was followed by a helicopter,

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