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If she wanted to see her mother, she had to go with him. It could really be said that he had put in a lot of effort and thought to his interlinking schemes.

He had long expected that this move would successfully “subdue” her. So when she was fleeing, he was not even flustered as though he had no intentions to stop her.

After thinking about it, Xu Xiyan could only agree with him. “Okay, I’ll go with you. If I find out that you were just deceiving me in the end, I’ll take my own life together with yours.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve never lied to you. However, if you want to see your mother, you must agree to one condition.”

“What condition?”

“Announce to the public that you’re divorcing Huo Yunshen.”

“And if I don’t want to?”

Xu Xiyan was extremely angry. Her heart was trembling inside.

This was too much!

It was really too much!

It turned out that his purpose was still to break her and Huo Yunshen up?

“Still I have nothing to worry about. Anyway, the plane is about to take off, and it’s not for you to decide whether it flies or not. At most, you won’t be going to see your mother. There is no loss for me.”

Mo Yutian closed the lid of his laptop and leaned back in his seat, looking assured of himself.

Xu Xiyan was struggling violently inside. What should she do?

Divorcing Huo Yunshen was tantamount to cutting her heart and flesh out!

But if she did not divorce him, she would miss out on this opportunity. She was afraid that she would never find any clues related to her mother.

This meant that Mo Yutian would still not let her go whether she divorced or not. If she divorced, then she would have the opportunity to find her mother.

She thought about it. For the sake of the problem at present, divorcing was the only way.

She could pretend to agree to the divorce. After her mother was found, she would plan the next move.

It was just like the saying: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if it wasn’t for herself, she would still make sacrifices for her mother.

She could only do an injustice to Huo Yunshen for the time being. As long as she could come back safely, she would explain it all to him later!

She clenched and loosened her fists repeatedly as though in hesitation. Finally, she steeled herself and agreed to Mo Yutian with a pained heart. “Alright. I agree to your condition!”

Mo Yutian looked very pleased. He waved her over, “Come here! I want you to announce the divorce to the public now!”


In the end, Xu Xiyan used his computer, logged in to her Weibo account and posted a microblog titled “Let’s divorce, Mr. Huo,” stating her views on the divorce.

“Satisfied now?”

Tears swirled in her eyes. The pain in her heart was so extreme. She didn’t know how much harm she would bring to Huo Yunshen after suddenly proposing a divorce.

After seeing the post, Mo Yutian was very satisfied. He immediately made a phone call and ordered the media to make a full

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