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At this time, at Zstan Airport, Mo Yutian carried Xu Xiyan in his arms as he boarded his private plane.

After boarding the plane, he placed Xu Xiyan in a first-class seat and then sat down beside her.

If the large shawl wrapping around Xu Xiyan was removed, you could see that Xu Xiyan’s hands and feet were tied.

To be precise, she had been carried aboard the plane by force.

She was very anxious right now. Mo Yutian was going to take her out of Zstan. Once she left, there would be a very small chance for her to return.

She didn’t know when she could escape his evil grasp as far as her current situation was concerned.

She was also very worried about Huo Yunshen.

Mo Yutian had told her that the clone Alice had replaced her and she was now staying by Huo Yunshen’s side. After such a long time, Huo Yunshen still had not come to save her. Did this mean that he did not see through Alice’s identity?

As long as she thought that she was going to be separated from her husband in a foreign land from now on and that they would never be able to see each other again, Xu Xiyan felt extremely sad and terrified.

During these days of imprisonment, she had tried various methods to escape but she was unsuccessful.

Mo Yutian was too strict with his watch. She was completely unable to find a suitable opportunity to escape.


She couldn’t just sit still and do nothing!

She must find a way to escape!

Otherwise, the chances of coming back were very small if she was taken abroad by him.

Xu Xiyan rolled her crafty eyes around, then said, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

“You just went there two minutes ago.”

Mo Yutian knew her little tricks very well.

“I have a weak bladder and I have to urinate frequently. Can’t I go? Even if I’m your prisoner, don’t I have the right to go to the bathroom?” Xu Xiyan argued with reason.

Mo Yutian was amused by her. “Alright! I will accompany you!”

“Unbind me, I can go there myself!” Xu Xiyan requested.

“Do you think that I’m that stupid? If you want to go, I can carry you there!”

Mo Yutian had already gotten up and bent down to pick her up.

“Forget it, I don’t want to go to the bathroom anymore.”

Xu Xiyan hated his physical touch very much. If she could avoid him for a while, she would do so.

“Okay then, take a nap now. The plane is going to take off after this.”

After urging her, Mo Yutian took out his black ultrathin laptop, turned it on, and began to type on the keyboard.


While he was typing, Xu Xiyan pretended to be obedient. Actually, she was constantly trying to wiggle her legs free from the ropes. She could feel the ropes loosening, about to unfasten.

As long as she kept wiggling her legs, she would definitely undo the ropes in no time.

Sure enough, and just as Xu Xiyan thought, the ropes around her legs were not secure enough. After wiggling her legs for a moment, she managed to unfasten the ropes.

It to

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