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Chapter 1069: Furious

The two people hugged each other tightly in the picture, and it was clear that they were French kissing.

Pictures of Xu Xiyan and Mo Yutian having an intimate relationship were like slaps in Huo Yunshen’s face.

No matter how good of a person Huo Yunshen was, there was no way he could tolerate his wife having an affair with another man, and Mo Yutian at that.

“No! Please! Let me explain,” Xu Xiyan said. “It’s not like that! I never betrayed you!”

It was as if her head was about to explode. She finally realized what her mother had felt when she was caught in bed with another man by Xu Jinshan the day before the award.

No amount of explanation could clear her name.

The worst had befallen Xu Xiyan. Even though the pictures weren’t made public, Huo Yunshen had learned about them.

Perhaps because Huo Yunshen was triggered by the pictures, he could not think logically anymore. He pushed Xu Xiyan onto the wall and pressed his hand on her chest.

“How did he treat you?” Huo Yunshen asked. “Like this? Huh?”

“No… Nothing happened between us…”

“Am I blind to you?” Huo Yunshen scolded and tore her shirt apart.

He lowered his head and bit her lips, treating her body roughly.

The usual kind and gentle Huo Yunshen was gone.

Xu Xiyan could taste the blood in her mouth. Huo Yunshen was completely furious and couldn’t even care if he made her lips bleed.

Xu Xiyan finally collapsed from exhaustion, and Huo Yunshen washed her body before putting her to bed.

Only then could he calm down a little.

Xu Xiyan woke up the next day only to find Huo Yunshen not next to her.

She forced herself up and looked all over the house, but Huo Yunshen was nowhere to be found.

Normally Huo Yunshen would have to wake up earlier and prepare breakfast for her, but the table was empty.

Her husband was gone, and there was no breakfast.

The only explanation Xu Xiyan could find was that Huo Yunshen was still angry.

Xu Xiyan panicked and tried to call Huo Yunshen, but his phone was off.

Huo Yunshen rarely switched his phone off unless something huge was going on. And even so, Huo Yunshen would notify Xu Xiyan every time before he switched his phone off.

Xu Xiyan quickly cleaned herself up and drove to the Huo Group’s building.

She asked the reception if Huo Yunshen was in his office, but the reply she got was that Huo Yunshen had not shown up at the office that day.

Xu Xiyan tried calling every friend Huo Yunshen had, even Tang Yitan, but all of them told her that they did not know where Huo Yunshen was.

On the other side of the phone, Tang Yitan ended his call with Xu Xiyan in White Bar’s VIP room.

Huo Yunshen was by his side, chucking down glass after glass of alcohol.

“Are you sure it’s a good thing for me to lie?” Tang Yitan asked while putting his phone down. “What really happened?”

It would be normal for couples to argue, but Tang Yitan coul

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