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Chapter 1073: Unexpected Ending

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Shen Mengyuan lost her mind, and instead of blaming herself, she put the blame all on Jing Xi.

She was sure that Jing Xi was the one who was responsible for the photos, trying to snatch the award from her hands again.

When Jing Xi was invited to the stage once again, Shen Mengyuan scolded her on her way back down.

“You cunning bitch! This is all on you! I’ll never forgive you!”

Her voice was small enough for only Jing Xi to hear, but Jing Xi only looked at Shen Mengyuan coldly without turning her head, as if she was looking at a clown.

Shen Mengyuan was forced off the stage as her hatred towards Jing Xi had reached its limit.

After being humiliated in front of everyone, Shen Mengyuan vowed to take her revenge the same way.

The award ceremony continued after the small incident.

After the Newcomer Award came the most important awards of the night, the Best Actor and Actress Awards.

The special part about the last two awards was that the nominees were announced just before the awards.

A lot of actors and actresses were nominated, but after votes and scores were gathered, the winners were announced on the on-stage screen.

The Best Actor Award goes to Ma Haodong in Root of Evil!

The Best Actress Award goes to Jing Xi in Root of Evil and Landscape!

As soon as the results were announced, the crowd ruptured into excitement as Xu Xiyan could not believe her eyes.

She won the Best Actress Award the same day as she won the Newcomer Award.

It was an unexpected ending.

But there was another ending that was more surprising, as Ma Haodong used the chance to announce an important decision.

He told the whole world through the screen that he was going to retire from acting from that day onwards.

The announcement shocked the whole crowd as they discussed Ma Haodong’s decision to retire when he was in his prime.

But it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision but something he had thought through thoroughly.

He decided to quit acting and take on his role as his father’s Ma Group’s CEO.

He used to hate doing business the most, but he had long since changed his opinion. He decided to become a successful businessman so that he could give the people he cared about a good life.

The reason for his huge change was due to Xiao Yuqian and her son that she had kept quiet about for five years.

Everything he would be doing from that day onwards would be for Xiao Yuqian and Yuanbao.

Xiao Yuqian was watching the awards on her television with her son. When Ma Haodong announced his retirement, she was shocked the most.

Ma Haodong had once told her that he was willing to give up everything for her.

And Xiao Yuqian replied to him by asking him if he was willing to give up all the fame he had earned as an actor or not.

Ma Haodong did not reply to her question that day but chose to answer it by taki

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